WWE star Randy Orton and his wife Kim Marie are expecting their baby daughter this November

The Legend Killer, The Viper or The Predator, We gave him many names but Randy Orton has other names like Dad, Honey, and Son. In November He will be "A Big Daddy Part 2"

Born on 1980, Randal Keith Orton popular as Randy Orton celebrates his birthdays every year on the fool's day of April.

Randy Orton has one daughter from his former wife Samantha Speno with whom he was married in 2007 but the couple legally split in 2013. Re-married to Kimberly Kessler in 2015, The six foot Five inched hunk and his sexy wife are expecting baby girl this November. Kim acknowledges the good news to her fans via twitter image. The image showed her holding a pare of baby boots on her hands and other hand on her belly after her first image came out she has clicked many pictures with big belly overtimes and posted on the web.


Before starting his career in WWE The SmackDown player was recruited in Marine Force right after he graduated his high school from Hazelwood Central High School. He could not perform well in the army and was discharged off his duties for bad conduct. He was sentenced to Thirty-two days prison by special courts for disobeying his commander. 

Randy is a well-known WWE superstar wrestler and an all time favourite of many WWE fans. He has been around WWE for a long time because WWE has been the part of Orton family from three generations. His Grandfather Late. Mr. Bob Orton Sr. AKA The Big O was a professional wrestler and so was his father Mr. Bob Orton Jr AKA The Cowboy. It was obvious for Randy to get into the dazzling stage of Professional WWE.

The Third Generation Superstar from Orton family holds the record of being a youngest WWE Heavyweight Champion at the age of twenty-four. If the new born carry on with the lagecy? The answer lies in the future but for now we all of his fans are wishing well and a lot of happyness for his secon child.


Sources: Sports world news wwe.com



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