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Nam Woo- hyun was born in February 8, 1991. He is popular with his stage name Woohyun who is popular being as a songwriter, singer and actor belonging from his native country South Korea. Hyun is currently 24 years old and he was born in Seoul, South Korea. He is an active member of Wollim Entertainment that is in Infinite form. He completed his education with his subject from the applied music. He is the youngest child of his family also having of one elder brother who is currently engaged within his business being as an owner of the very popular BBQ restaurant in the town.

Hyun completed his education from the Dong-ah Institute of Media and Arts, right after his completion of education he came across the music industry for searching his better and future career. Previously he was inspired to become a soccer player, but due to his interest across the music industry he was highly dragged upon it with his high interest. Therefore, he pursue his career being as a solo singer right after he pa s sed over his audition within the “lately” that was a cover which was originally the song of Stevie Wonders. He was also trained in music and dancing by the idol trainee from the very time.

Hyun is very positive and progressive about his professional career, but he is close regarding his personal life and it’s sharing among and across the public. The reason behind this is still unknown since; the high number of his fans is trying to know the fact behind his personal life, Married life as well as his relationship status that he is going through upon. He never has mentioned about his girlfriend among and across the media. He had a number of affairs in his college times and even he mentioned that he was very flirty in nature during his college days. But, he was not that very much social with many people during the very time. This also made him to hide his secret among his fans. He has been seen with many girls among the public as well as in the social networking sites but he has not confessed about having any of the relationship with them.

Hyun is tall in his height and his body features are the one that makes his crush increasing in range. Hyun is very positive in his career as well as in his salary. This might be the reason his salary and net worth is successful in sequence. He is also planning to donate some of his money towards the charity program in the near future out of his net worth.

Hyun is not properly seen among the social sites clearly. Though his pictures are often downloaded and viewed by his fans still, he has not a big sequence of fan following.

by Bchrome, 08 Jan, 2016

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