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William Devane is an American television and theater actor, best recognized for his role as Greg Sumner on the primetime soap opera, Knots Landing. He has appeared in several movies in his career. He received an Emmy nomination for portraying John F. Kennedy in 1974's The Missiles of October. He also played Jacqueline Kennedy's father, Black Jack Bouvier, in the 1991 TV movie A Woman Named Jackie. He has been married to Eugenie Devane since 1961. The couple shares two sons.

Early Life And Education Of William Devane 

William Devane was born William Joseph Devane on 5th September 1939 in Albany, New York, United States, under the birth sign Virgo. 

Devane is the son of Joseph Devane and Kate Devane. His father worked for Franklin D Roosevelt as a chauffeur when the latter was the Governor of New York. His father belongs the Irish descent and his mother was falling with the mixed descent of Dutch and German ancestry. He belongs to American nationality and his ethnicity is mixed. 

William completed his education at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts which is located in New York and started searching for a professional career to get began. 

William Devane's Career

Following his graduation, William Devane performed in several plays with the New York Shakespeare Festival. His character as Greg Sumner is still remembered by his fans from all across the world which came across in the year 1983 until the year 1993 within Knots Landing which is a primetime soap opera.

Similarly, in the mid-1983 till 1993 he appeared as James Heller which is also the remarkable performance made by him across. William's father's name is Joseph Devane and he was engaged within Franklin D. Roosevelt’s chauffeur when he was within New York as Governor of the city.

William Devane in the very time made guest appearances and also got a chance to present himself with the minor roles in the very early times.

His role as President John F. Kennedy in a TV docudrama about the Cuban Missile Crisis, The Missiles of October (1974) gained acclaim and was the most liked performance of him among the people.

Similarly, he portrayed blacklisted radio personality, John Henry Faulk in the Emmy Award-winning TV movie Fear on Trial (1975). He is widely known for his ten years as the ambitious and hardnosed politician-turned-corporate titan Greg Sumner on Knots Landing.

William Devane appeared in several films including McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971); Lady Liberty (1971); Family Plot (1976), directed by Alfred Hitchc* * k; Marathon Man (1976); Rolling Thunder (1977); Yanks (1979); Testament (1983) with Jane Alexander; Timestalkers (1987) with Lauren Hutton and Klaus Kinski; Forgotten Sins (1996) with John Shea; Exception to the Rule (1997); Payback (1999); Hollow Man and Space Cowboys (2000).

He started a recurring role as Grandpa Edward Grayson on the ABC primetime soap opera Revenge. He also played the President of the United States in the Christopher Nolan film The Dark Knight Rises. 

He was a part of the regular cast of the sitcom The Grinder and had a cameo as Williams as part of NASA in the 2014 movie, Interstellar.

William Devane's Net Worth And Salary

William Devane's net worth is $5 million as per celebrity net worth, in 2019. He has earned a good amount of salary from his work as an actor in various projects.

The American actor, Devane has been in the entertainment industry since 1967, and to the day he has contributed to many TV series and movies.

He has appeared in the high grossing movies such as Interstellar (Box Office: $667.5 million) starring Matthew McConaughey and Anne Hathaway, The Dark Knight Rises (1.085 billion) starring Christian Bale, Stargate: Continuum (Box Office: $9.2 million), and Hollow Man Box Office: ($190.2 million). 

The actor also played a number of supporting roles in movies such as McCabe & Mrs. Miller (1971), Family Plot (1976), Marathon Man (1976), Timestalkers (1987), and Space Cowboys (2000).

William Devane's Affair And Wife

The personal life of William Devane as according to him is very interesting because he had many affairs in his life. He also mentioned he used to plan a date within his small diary with many girlfriends which he made in his college times.

But later he got married to his spouse Eugenie Devane in the year 1961 for the long-term partner and proudly mentioning as his spouse. They are the father and mother of 2 children and he has been able to balance his a bit of a career as well as personal life side by side for a healthy time with his family.

William is a very optimistic person therefore, his affair stories were the best time of his life, and getting committed and being into married life for him was the best decision he ever made as according to him.

William Devane's Age, Height, And Other Facts 

  • William Devane's Age: He is 70 years old. 
  • Height: he has a height of 5' 10" (1.78 m).
  • Birth Name: William Joseph Devane

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