Who is Skip Bayless' wife? Know more about his children and married life

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Skip Bayless is a sports columnist, author, and television personality based in Oklahoma, USA. He is best known as the commentator on ESPN2 show, First Take, with Stephen A. Smith.

Skip has a sibling named, Rick Bayless, well-known for Mexican Cuisine. Skip Bayless is currently married to Ernestine Sclafani, an American publicist.

Who is Skip Bayless' wife?

The ESPN commentator, Skip Bayless was previously married to his high school sweetheart. There is very few information regarding Skip Bayless's first wife. Skip Bayless born as John Edward Bayless is married to his long-term girlfriend Ernestine Sclafani.

Skip Bayless


Skip met his wife Ernestine when she brought actor Kevin Dillon to the First Take set. The duo had dinner that night, where they bonded over classic television shows and 60’s music.

Sclafani is known for being a  famous publicist while working on the sports program called ‘Cold Pizza’ about ten years ago.

Skip Bayless' wife Ernestine Sclafani


Regardless of laying down the law early, the couple has thrived in their unique situation. Skip spent weeknights in a cramped Bristol hotel room.

The two shared a pizza, watched a week’s worth of Jeopardy, and watched movies as well.

Bayless had his experiences with love. He has been in four long-term relationships in his life, including his married life with high school sweetheart, after graduating from Vanderbilt. Ernestine, 54, is the present and second wife of Bayless. At age 62, Skip is divorced and childless man.

At the first date, Skip said her:

‘You will never be more important than my job.’

 Ernestine adored him like most of the girls do. She stated:

‘He’s got a heart of Gold; He’s funny, shy, caring. He’s just a good guy.’

Skip's married life and children

Keeping the affair a mystery for many years, Skip and  Ernestine got married. The couple's wedding was so personal that there were no any pictures of their wedding over the internet.

However, they kept their marital status secret for many years.

Skip Bayless' girlfriend Ernestine


Skip once married his junior high school girlfriend whom he married shortly after graduating from college and split later. Bayless accepted the fact that those decisions were a ‘Big mistake.' He didn’t want to reveal about their divorce.

Skip Bayless wife Ernestine

Talking about Bayless' love life,  no other women has ever loved and cared him the way his then wife Sclafani has loved him. Manhattan-based publicist, Sclafani is the strongest-willed and genuine woman into his life better than the others.


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