What is the net worth of actress Willa Holland? Find out about her net worth and acting career

Willa Holland is an American actress known for teen dramas like Gossip Girl, Arrow, and The O.C etc. She is also a voice actress and a model. In her mid-twenties, the gorgeous Willa is one of the promising actresses of Hollywood. 

She started her modeling at the age of 7; she has since then bagged many national commercials. Apart from commercials and modeling gigs, Willa has worked for both small and large screen.

What is Willa Holland’s net worth?

Her estimated net worth of $5 million isn’t just because of her career. Apart from being a model, Willa Holland is a small screen as well as a big screen actress. She comes from a family of actors and actresses. Her mother Darnell- Gregorio-De Palma has had an awesome acting career as well.

She is the stepdaughter of popular filmmaker Brian De Palma. Her biological father is Keith Holland, who is also an actor. Her stable career and good connections mean she has a good life, has a great family house and drives an expensive car obviously. 

Willa Holland’s career

She has had quite an interesting career in Hollywood. Only 25 years old and absolutely stunning in her features with amazing acting and voice over skills, Willa Holland is in her way to make her mark in Hollywood. It was actually Steven Spielberg who came up with the idea of putting Willa in front of the camera as he encouraged her mother Darnell, to get Willa an agent. Willa started modeling at the age of 7 and has since then modeled for major brands like Gap, Guess, Ralph Lauren, Burberry, Abercrombie &Fitch etc. 

So close I can almost taste the leather #ArrowPremiere #ArrowSeason4 pic.twitter.com/n00d7tTaPf

— Willa Holland (@Willaaaah) October 7, 2015


She has appeared in movies like Garden party, Middle of Nowhere, Genova, Tiger eyes, Legion, chasing 3000 etc. However, she is better known for her television roles than her movies. She appears as Kaitlin cooper in the teen drama The O.C, as Agnes Andrews in Gossip Girl and Speedy or The Queen in Arrow. She has done other TV shows like The Flash and The comeback as well.


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