What is Heather Cox Annual Salary? Know about her Net Worth and fine Career

News by Clarence Published on 13 Jan,2017 Updated on 12 Nov,2017

Heather Cox is an American sports journalist who works as a sideline reporter for renowned NBC Sports Channel.

Previously, she worked as a reporter for several games and tournament for various channels such as 'ABC', 'ESPN', and so on. She is one of the talented and experienced sports journalists of the American sports media.

Heather Cox’s Net Worth and Salary

This sportscaster is a well-known face in the American sports media industry. She has been actively working in this field since 1994. 

Heather Cox

Heather Cox

source: Espn

According to a source, Cox has an average net worth of $10 million. However, the figure is tentative and there is no official confirmation about the above figure.  Additionally, she receives a hefty amount for endorsing brands and sponsorships. 

Her annual salary is not revealed now but sources claimed that sideline reporter earns an annual average salary of $100K in the US. So, we can believe that her salary is somewhere in the above range. 

Heather Cox’s professional journey

This passionately active lady has been working in the sportscasting world for a long time, now. Heather is a versatile sportscaster who is also named as one of the best sideline reporters known to the news-casting world today.

She is also considered as a hardworking reporter by the 'WNBA', 'NBA' seeing her coverage for the channels like 'ESPN', 'ABC', 'ESPN2', 'NBC', and so on.

Heather is a former national volleyball player of the country. She was selected by the national volleyball team in 1987 and started playing for the nation.

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While playing for the national team, she participated in the 1990 Olympic Festival and played as a 'Sacramento Stars' in the national volleyball association.

Later, she became the captain of the team and played till 1995. Then, she started her reporting career from 'ABC Sports'. Since then, she covered the 'NBA', College football, and Basketball for 'ABC sports'.