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Vikram Vij was born in Amritsar, India and he was born in December 1964. Currently Vikram is 51 years old in his age. Vikram is a Canadian chef by his profession and he is also a television personality in deed. Additionally Vikram is a cookbook author and he is the owner of his own family Indian restaurant and the name of his restaurant is VIj’s restaurant which he established with the collaboration of his wife whose name is Meeru Dhalwala. Similarly, he also has another restaurant in India whose name is Rangoli restaurant. His mother was also running her own restaurant therefore; this made him to get influenced to start his career within the restaurant industry. He was the eldest child as a sibling of his parents and he was brought up under the supervision of his grandmother.

Vikram joined to Banff Springs hotel after he moved towards Canada. Before this he was working in Salzburh and also in Alberta Canada he worked within Bishop’s restaurant during the very early phase in the year 1994. This restaurant was located in Vancouver and him during the very time he used to work for prominent Canadian chef John Bishop who encouraged him to work into this industry across with the success and achievements. This made him to open his own fine-dining restaurant in his early age of 30 during the year 1994.

Vikram is an independent man. During his early phase of his life only he dreamt of living alone and independent. His father was waiting for him to join their family business. But he rejected his proposal of father and moved towards the focus of his mother. He spend most of his childhood days in Washington DC he got married with his spouse named Meeru Dhalwala after the long duration of their affair. But some of his friends also claim that they had an arranged marriage all because of his grandmother who encouraged him to marry Meeru. Currently, Vikram and Meeru are happy couple and living a well-settled life and they have a strong bio in the list of professional life of cooking. Similarly, Vikram is focusing on his career as well as giving much of his time also to his married life. They are also the parents of 2 children but they have not disclosed about their children yet. Vikram has not been spotted into any extra affair out of his married life and he is completely satisfied with his married status.

Vikram height looks tall in his pictures that can be seen in the social networking sites as well as in the television. Along with this his successful amount of salary made him to achieve with the net worth of his amount which is around 50 million American dollars within the current phase of time that is credited to his spouse.

by Bchrome, 16 Feb, 2016

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