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Victor Robert DiBitetto is a stand-up comedian, singer, Internet personality and actor of American nationality who refers to himself as The Donkey of Comedy. He was born on the 9th of February, 1961. The success of Victor in the YouTube and other fields like music and comedy has made his fans constantly search the details of his bio and career on several networking and biography sites like the wiki.

Vic was born on Brooklyn, New York to an Italian family. He was interested in comedy since a very small age and started doing stand ups since 1981 at the Pips Comedy Club. Following his success in the smaller arenas of comedy, he made his television appearance firstly in America’s Funniest People which was a ventriloquist act which won him a Grand Prize of 10,000 dollars. He opened his YouTube account and subsequently started posting comedic videos there too, which became hugely popular with his audience. Later, he created the YouTube video named Bread and Milk, which became hugely popular and was viral with the audience. The video garnered over 13 million views and was showcased on The View, CNN, on local weather channels as well as The Today Show. This video made him instantly popular and renowned with people across the USA and the world.

Vic then got the chance to appear in Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, in a minor role. It was not just the Bread and Milk video that went viral but also other several videos like the Drive to Florida which too garnered huge media attention as it was about the arrest of Justin Beiber. There was also a video about Kanye West’’s behavior at the Grammy’s which became viral on YouTube. He has also created a mini-series called The Shed on this YouTube Channel which has become hugely popular too. He is also set to appear on several other film roles.

It is known that Vic is a married man with children. He has been known to have won the Grand Prize of 10,000 dollars for his video about a ventriloquist with his son Michael. But, unfortunately, the details and not even the name of the wife of this comedic king are available to his fans. He has never been a s sociated with anybody inside the internet world and thus seems to be completely devoted towards his spouse. His affair before his marriage to his wife and his cheating details has never been found, thus making him a devoted husband. While the name of one of his child is known, it cannot be said for sure if he has other children and what their names are. He has never been a s sumed to be a gay or a bi-sexual thus he most certainly is straight.  

Vic has made a huge career out of his YouTube videos and comedic skills but the net worth and salary of this personality is not available to his fans around the world.

by Bchrome, 25 Feb, 2016

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