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Vera Davich gained recognition as the former spouse of American actor and musician Scott Patterson. Her ex-spouse Scott is known for his roles in "Gilmore Girls" and the "Saw" films. 

Vera has maintained a private life, revealing little about herself. However, her high-profile divorce from Scott brought her into the public eye. Vera's notoriety largely centers on her past marriage to the movie star, as she remains low-key regarding her personal affairs.

What Is Scott Patterson's Ex-Wife Vera Davich's Age?

Vera Davich, born and raised in the United States, has kept her birthplace and birthdate private, making it challenging to determine her exact age. However, estimations suggest she may be in her mid-50s.

Scott Patterson's ex-wife Vera is of white ethnicity, follows the Christian faith, and graduated from Haddonfield Memorial High School. Details about her higher education, if any, remain undisclosed.

How Did Vera Davich & Scott Patterson Meet?

The former couple Vera Davich and Scott Patterson met during their time at Haddonfield Memorial High School and began dating. Their relationship blossomed, leading to an engagement and a private wedding in 1983. 

Scott Patterson's ex-wife is Vera Davich. SOURCE: buzznigeria

Unfortunately, the exact date and venue of Vera and Scott wedding remain undisclosed. The ex-couple, known for their secrecy, kept their marriage and personal life away from the public eye. Scott later achieved fame as an actor, starting with his debut in the 1993 film "Castle Rock's Little Big League."

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Ex-Couple Vera & Scott Divorced In 1985 

Vera Davich and her former husband Scott Patterson surprised their fans with a divorce announcement in 1985, just two years after their wedding. Their seemingly harmonious relationship from their school days ended abruptly.

Despite Vera and Scott's romantic history, the couple did not have any children during their brief marriage. Following the divorce, Scott married someone else, while Vera has remained single and unattached, with no public romantic affiliations to date.

Vera Davich's Divorce Reason 

Scott Patterson, in an interview, attributed their separation to immaturity, but Vera has not confirmed this. She has continued her life without remarrying. In contrast, Scott married actress Kristine Saryan, his partner since August 2001.

The ex-couple Vera and Scott 2014 wedding location remains undisclosed. They have a son, Nicholas Petterson, whose details have been kept private by the couple.

Where Is Scott Patterson's Ex-Wife Vera Davich's Now?

Vera gained recognition in the industry during her marriage to celebrity actor Scott Patterson. However, following their divorce, she intentionally maintained a low profile and chose a private, media-free life.

Scott Patterson and his ex-wife Vera Davich divorced in 1985.  SOURCE: buzznigeria

Scott Patterson's ex-spouse Vera's absence from social media platforms makes it challenging to trace her current whereabouts or activities. Nevertheless, it is presumed that Vera is leading a content and private life away from the public eye.

What Is Vera Davich's Net Worth?

Scott Patterson who is a successful actor, has a net worth of approximately $15 million. He enjoys a lavish lifestyle, including a $25,000 vehicle and a $5 million beachfront home.

In contrast, Vera Davich's financial status is still a mystery. Sources suggest she may be living luxuriously due to a divorce settlement, but neither she nor Scott has confirmed or denied these assertions. 

Who Is Vera Davich's Husband Scott Patterson?

Scott Patterson is renowned for portraying Luke Danes in "Gilmore Girls" and Special Agent Peter Strahm in the "Saw" franchise. In the 1980s, he pursued a career as a minor league baseball pitcher.

Scott's estimated net worth is approximately $15 million, with an annual salary reported at around $2.6 million. He was previously married to Kristine Narayan, an American actress known for her role in "Gilmore Girls." They met in 2001 and married the same year.

Social Media Presence

Vera has maintained her absence from social media and the internet, keeping her activities largely private. While her current endeavors remain undisclosed, her lack of negative news suggests all is well.

In contrast, Scott, her ex-husband, actively engages on social media platforms like Instagram @scottgordonpatterson, Twitter @ScottGPatterson, and Facebook, where he enjoys a substantial following and shares posts and updates with his fans.


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