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He is one of the brightest journalists in India and he has reached his goals with his sheer talent and dedication. He is on the top because of his presentation skills and talent. He will keep on rising and he has already made a name for himself. He is none other than the very talented Udayan Mukherjee.


Udayan Mukherjee’s exact date of birth is not available right now and this makes it very difficult to guess his exact age at this time. However, it looks like he is in his 40s but it is nothing more than just a guess. He was born in India. His nationality is Indian and his ethnicity is Indian as well.

Education and Early Life   

Udayan Mukherjee’s early life went pretty well. More information on his childhood is not available right now but it does not seem like it was difficult at all. He went to a college called Presidency College for his degree. From there he achieved his degree in the field of Economics. He then went to another university called Jawaharlal Nehru University. The university is located in New Delhi. He got his degree in the field of Economics from there.


Udayan Mukherjee’s career has made him who he is today. He has already won major awards in his career. He won the very popular Ramnath Goenka Awards for his amazing work and it was for the category Journalist of the Year in broadcasting category. He won this award back in the year 2012.

Udayan Mukherjee was the managing editor of the huge CNBC India. His work as a managing editor impressed everyone. During his early days, he worked for the mighty UTV. After working for them, he got new opportunities and he was successful in capitalizing on it.    

Personal Life

Udayan Mukherjee is a very popular journalist but after being so popular and so successful he has managed to keep his personal life very low profile. It seems like he is a married man and he must have a wife but details about his family are missing at this time. He might have children too but as nothing is available no random guesses can be made. As very less information is available on his personal affairs, some light must be put into it to know more about it.


Udayan Mukherjee has been earning great money and this has given him great income and net worth. His exact net worth is not available right now but there is no doubt it is in thousands of dollars. The main secret behind this is his great salary. Information on him is available on wiki sites but honestly speaking it is in very low quantity. He looks quite tall but his exact height is unknown.  

by Bchrome, 30 Dec, 2016

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