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Trent Harmon was born in the year 1991 who is American. Since, due to his low profile his birth date and birth place is unavailable in the public. Trent is professionally a television personality who is a singer being linked up with American Idol from where he got his fame. He was participated in 15th season of the program and his genres in pop and rock is incredibly noted along with his energetic form of performances. Since, Trent father was working in food manufacturing company and mother working in a local school as a cook his childhood was not spent in much wealthy way. Due to unstable family economic condition he was forced to think alternative from his early time for the better earning.

Trent was good in athlete and he was sporty kind of person in his school times. He was also a part of local level of basketball playing and even worked as a waiter for the money. Due to his low interest in education did not made him to study further and planned to get engaged into singing as his profession. He joined music school for this and worked in a local restaurant for the fee and money needed for it. Trent was motivated to singing by his father since, from the early start he was suggesting him to think about it.

Trent was dictated to be shy person in the early time of his life and because of his openness to limited number of people it is difficult to find out some personal details of him. There is no any information about his girlfriends and affair though it is guesses that he is busy with dating a celebrity. Trent is not gay and he is too young to get married by now. However, he is promising to his people that he will be flashing some of his personal details to the close ones near and far. Trent loves travelling and he is good in playing sports though he never gave any profession direction to it. Trent hobbies mostly are fishing and even he sometimes gets featured with a girl whom he is denying in claiming as his girlfriend though the rumor is they are dating. Trent has never been faced by any rumors and according to him it needs some more years to him to think of being married and getting into relationship. Trent is a bold personality.

Trent height is 5 feet 10 inches in tall and his weight is 65 kg. The present status of salary and net worth is not disclosed by him however, it is a s sumed he is succeeding in terms of his monetary ability in his career crossing years by years. Trent is also planning to join events of social trust and charity for donating some of his amount of net worth.

by sanjeet, 23 Apr, 2016

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