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The highly scandalous, gay, Australian diva, Tracy Grimshaw is a television presenter for Current Affairs the show aired on the Australian Channel. Grimshaw also anchors a political half-hour show on channel 9.

Grimshaw's abusive language and rude behavior have been condemned by many viewers who watch her show but her expertise has made her stick to her job and there is no news of her leaving the on-screen business anytime soon.

Early Life And Education of Tracy Grimshaw

Tracy Grimshaw was born Tracy Jane Grimshaw to Barbra Grimshaw on 3rd June 1960 in Melbourne, Victoria under the birth sign Gemini.

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Grimshaw became lesbian during her school years reportedly after a brief sexual stint in her school camp. After completing graduation and contemplating many fields of work to choose from, she chose to indulge in journalism at the tender age of 19. 

Tracy Grimshaw's Career

Tracy Grimshaw&rsquo's professional career started with her finding a job as a reporter for National Nine News when she was 21 years. By 1985, she had begun presenting news bulletins and had been appointed as the presenter of National Nine Morning News by 1987.

Grimshaw's instantaneous promotion was notable and she got many more career opportunities in the years that followed. In the 1990’s Grimshaw was responsible for reporting overseas events for the Nine Network.

Grimshaw also started reporting and hosting for A Current Affair over the summer nonrating period. 1995 saw her as a co-host to David Reyne in The Midday Show and the following year saw her as host on Today on Saturday and Animal Hospital.

As of November 1996, Grimshaw was called upon for the position of co-host of Steve Liebmann on Today, which she held up for nine years before being replaced by Jessica Rowe. Her expertise in her field, her critical point of view, and her direct attitude won her the job of a presenter in A Current Affair on 30th January 2006, whereby she replaced Ray Martin.

The Great Escape, a two-hour presentation aired in May 2006, was presented by her whereby she interviewed Beaconsfield Mine disaster survivors Todd Russell and Brant Webb. She is currently doing her job as a presenter for A Current Affair.

Besides, she also wrote a book named, Tracy.

Tracy Grimshaw's Net Worth, Body Measurements

Tracy Grimshaw, a TV presenter stands at a height of 5 feet 6 inches.  Grimshaw has acc u mulated an estimated net worth not less than $1 million from her journalism career. According to a source, her salary ranges from $650K to $700K. 

Grimshaw owns the property in Sydney's north-western suburbs. With such earning, she is living a lavish life.

Tracy Grimshaw's Personal Life

Tracy Grimshaw is at the age of 57 as has many controversies attached to her name, which makes her an infamous character. Some of the notable works of her interest to anchor ACA for which she was rumored to have pleased the producers.

Grimshaw was involved in a manslaughter case in 2004 after she reportedly punched her ex-girlfriend Julia Morris in the face when they were being intimate with each other. This led to her being sentenced to 6 months in prison. She pleaded guilty and apologized and her partner Martha Stewart was responsible for her release. She is also rumored to have had a relationship with Deborah Hutton

Besides, Grimshaw has a child, Chris Williams. The name of the child's father is yet not disclosed by her. 

Rumor and Controversy

Another controversy arose in an interview she took with the legendary chef Gordon Ramsay in 2008. Rumor has it that Tracy called him a narcissist to which the chef replied harshly and insinuated her of being a lesbian even when she hadn’t come out of the closet about the fact. This led to a series of heated conversations, interviews, thoughts, replies, comments, and criticism from the general audience.

Grimshaw revealed her h 0sexuality in 2009 which was the reason for more controversies. Her interview with Kevin Wilson, in which he fired back rudely to Tracy after she asked him some insulting questions, was a reason for more media spectacle. She is also said to have been seen walking naked and shirtless in the Logie Award Ceremony, an Australian equivalent of the Emmy&rsquo's.

Grimshaw is said to have had sexual relationships with a number of partners and admits to enjoying having multiple partners. Speculations and news declare that she was once married to Gordon Ramsay but no such proof has ever come out of it, and the relation between her and her husband certainly went awry as they were certainly not together for a long time. After her mother’s death, she gained a lot of fat but still maintains her charm.

Physical Appearance

Tracy Grimshaw is said to have undergone plastic surgery around her eyes and lips to retain her beauty. she has many times been rumored to be pregnant but no proof has come out of it. 

As far as other biographies are concerned, she is portrayed as a very scandalous lady, but with the right amount of talent to retain her post as a presenter on the screen. She looks presentable and attractive with a perfect height and a body that is slightly on the plump side.

Also active on social networking sites, fans of her can find information and lots and lots of gossips about her on many sites. The media surely loves her for the spectacles she creates, and though the audience might condemn her rude, outrageous behavior and comments, Tracy has managed to keep her name and identity hyped out in the media pretty well.

Age and Other Facts

  • As of 2019, she is 58 years old.
  • Her birth sign is Gemini.
  • She is an avid horse rider and once in 2015, she was involved in a riding accident.

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