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Release Date: 16 May 1986

Upcoming Releasing Schedule: 31 May 2018 in US California.

Main Character: Tom Cruise as LT Pete Maverick Mitchell


Top Gun is an American action drama that is a first installment of The Top Gun film series. The film was released on May 16, 1986, with various reviews from the viewers. People honor the action sequence, the effects, the stunts, and acting performance with the cruise. The film cross more than US$ 356 million, and was known as the most expensive movie in the world of 80s. It was having real Navy Aircraft and drones that took almost $5 million for its production.

The film was the first inspiration from the article Top Gun written by Ehud Yonay, from May 1983 issue of California magazine. The article was about the detailed of the life of fighter pilots at Naval Station Miramar with the nickname of Fighter Town USA.


In the story, you will find Tom Cruise portraying as Maverick who breaks the important rule by disposing of his wingman to go after Viper. The worst thing was Maverick, Iceman was working as a team, and they determined to win the school contest. Maverick was distressed by the death of Goose, an inquiry clears him regarding his bad behavior, and the confidence was destroyed. Anthony Edwards portrays as the character of Goose who was a Naval Flight Officer and Mavericks R.I.O or Radar Intercept Officer. Goose was graduates from the class and is reassigned to the project where an incident with enemy MiGs leads to a critical fight including Iceman and Maverick.

During the fight, Maverick arrives at the scene of the clash, but the enemy surrounded him. When he flies into one ship jetwash his own fighter briefly stalls out and though he recovers control he flashes back to Goose’s death and breaks off, leaving Iceman.


Various characters of the film include:

  • Pete Maverick Mitchell

Pete Maverick Mitchell was a US Naval Aviator and the central character of the film Top Gun. Throughout the movie, it is recognized that Maverick is an excellent pilot, but has a dangerous and irresponsible flying style.

  • Charlotte Charlie Blackwood

Charlie was a civilian service provider at Top Gun and she loves the character Pete Maverick.

  • Tom Iceman Kazansky

Iceman was one of only few United States Naval Aviators to be sent to Top Gun. His signature bleached hair tips are very much connected with the fact that he is "the best pilot" in the new class of Top Gun. He and Maverick completed the graduation together.

  • Nick Goose Bradshaw

Nick was the Naval Flight Officer who was undoubtedly able to enjoy himself and have a good time. He is a skilled R.I.O. turned out covering upon ejection and broke his neck straight away. The character is totally based heavily on his real life.

  • Mike Viper Metcalf

Mike Viper is known as the instructor in the film Top Gun. He is also known as the best and old friend of Maverick’s father, Duke Mitchell. He is impressed with his abilities even after he broke away from Hollywood in training.

  • Rick Jester Heatherly

Rick is the instructor with Viper. They both work to train other pilots like Maverick, Goose, Hollywood, and Iceman etc.

  • Bill Cougar Cortell

Bill is shown in the opening scene of Top Gun. He is also known for the popular character of the film Top Gun.

These characters have won many hearts and stun many of the audience, people not only inspired by the film, but their costumes have amazed the fans. You will find many more characters that are not discussed here but gave their 100% to make the film successful.


Since the film was released, the film has made many top film lists that include:

  • The Hot Shots was the comedy film of Top Gun in 1991.
  • Top Gun is known as war and action film
  • Top Gun with A Few Good Men is familiar for being an encouragement for the TV series JAG and for the NCIS franchise.
  • 2011's Jian Shi Chu Ji and 2017's Kong Lian Lie, these two Chinese films were based on Top Gun.

Top Gun also produced various video games for numerous platforms. The first game was released in 1987 with the same name as the film. In the game, the player pilots fighter has to complete four missions. After its successful production, another game was released in 1988 named Top Gun: Hornet’s Nest.  


Let us talk about some fact about which you might not be aware. It will definitely astound you. If you have taken interest in this amazing film, then you will love to know about the film. The film was known as the highest grossing film of the year, because the film includes everything from its killer soundtrack, to light romance and classic F-14 dogfights.


In an action film, it made sense for Top Gun to become a thrilling roller coaster ride. After taking inspiration, Mason, Ohio’s Kings Island Amusement Park, built the Top Gun Roller Coaster in 1993. In 2008, people changed their name to Flight Deck. One more ride called Top Gun located at Santa Clara, its name was also changed as Flight Deck.


The film Top Gun was based on real flight school called US Navy Fighter Weapons School or Top Gun. The school was founded in 1960, because of base realignments and closures, Top Gun relocated to Fallon, Nevada in 1996.


Kelly McGillis is based on a woman named Christine Fox, like McGills who is tall, blonde, leggy, and has a desire for snapping high heels. The fictional character Charlie is an astrophysicist, and Fox is a mathematician who worked at the Center for Naval Analyses, which was situated across the street from Top Gun.


The soundtrack of the film includes Kenny Loggins, Danger Zone and Berlin’s Take My Breath Away. These were released on 15 May 1986. During the fall and summer, the album becomes one of the famous albums at that time. The soundtracks and other edition had sold almost nine million copies worldwide.


According to the research, it was found that the US government helps the film, Top Gun financially. Filmmakers of Top Gun apparently charges just $1.8 million for the use of its warplanes and aircraft carriers.


If you have heard the music of Top Gun, then you might get inspired with it. The music becomes really popular at that time. To work on the soundtrack, many of the artists were considered but did not participate.  The band Toto was decided to record “Danger Zone”, he also written, record the song “Only You”, and amazed many of the followers.


Actor Mathew Modine turned down the role of Pete Mavericks because he felt the film’s pro-military stand went against his politics. That is why Tom Cruise agreed to do the role of Mavericks and he well performed it.


As we all are aware that if a film or series become popular because of their hard work, then industry rewards them trophy on their hard work. The film Top Gun was nominated and won many awards, most of their awards for the sound and the effects of the film.

In 1987 – Academy Awards

  • Best Sound Effects Editing Award – Cecelia Hall and George Watters II
  • Best Film Editing Award – Billy Weber and Chris Lebenzon
  • Best Sound – Donald O. Mitchell
  • Best Original Song (Take My Breath Away) – Giorgio Moroder and Tom Whitlock

In 1986 – Apex Scroll Awards

  • Actress In Supporting Role – Meg Ryan
  • Best Picture – Don Simpson
  • Achievement in Compilation Soundtrack
  • Achievement In Sound

In 1987 – Golden Globe Award

  • Best Original Score

In 1988 – Award of the Japanese Academy

  • Best Foreign Language Film

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