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Tony Reali is well recognized as a popular sports personality and television host as well. He is working as a host os Around the Horn on ESPN. Initially, he worked for WFUV. His professional career started after he joined ESPN in 2000. He then appeared in several shows like Pardon the Interruption, Around the Horn, and Good Morning America.

Reali is married to his longtime girlfriend, Samiya Edwards with whom he shares a daughter and a son. He lost his one of his twin sons before the birth.

Early Life And Education Of Tony Reali

Tony Reali was born Anthony Joseph Paul Reali on 4th July 1978 in Staten Island, New York, U.S.A under the birth sign Cancer.  Reali is American as per nationality and as far as his ethnicity is concerned, he is of Italian-American descent.


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Reali spends his childhood in Marlboro, New Jersey. In 1996, he graduated from Christian Brothers Academy in Lincroft, New Jersey. Later, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in both History and Communication from the Fordham University. 

While studying in the university, he worked as a sportscaster for WFUV from 1997-2000. He also voiced the football and men's basketball. He then reported Yankees. Mets, Jets, and Giants. In 2000, he joined ESPN as researcher and writer for 2 Minute Drill-A quiz Show. 

Tony Reali's Career and Show

 Tony Reai's professional career in journalism started in 2000 after he joined ESPN as a researcher and writer for a quiz show, 2 Minute Drill.

Pardon the Interruption

In October 2001, Reali joined the sports television show, Pardon the Interruption. In the show, he a s sisted Tony Kornheiser and Michael Wilbon as fact-checker for the show Pardon the interruption. He also made his presence in Preview the Interruption. In the month of February of the year 2004, he becomes the host of Around the Horn which gave him a new level of popularity.

In  2013, he visited the White House and had dinner with Mr. President Barrack Obama. He is a Catholic and he himself calls himself a true Spiritualist. He dedicates all his success as the grace of Almighty. He adds that life is only peace and happy when one surrenders ad believe in Christ.

Reali started working as a social media correspondent for ABC's show, Good Morning America in 2014. The following year, he became the weekend sports correspondent for the show. 

Although he has not been awarded any awards till date, he has always been appreciated by his co-workers for his dedication and efficiency. 

Tony Reali's Net Worth

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Tony Reali has an estimated net worth of $2 million. Reali is earning an impressive amount from his journalism career.

As per some online sources, an ESPN show host averagely earns a salary that ranges from $41k to $51k. With such earning, he is living a lavish life.

In 2007 he had to undergo some mishaps as he had his apartment under fire and faced severe property loss.

Tony Reali's Personal Life, Affair, And Son Death

Tony Reali is a married man. Reali tied the knot to his longtime girlfriend, Samiya Edwards, an Africa policy consultant on 3rd July 2008. As per some sources, Reali proposed her girlfriend in an airport bathroom. He carried an engagement ring with him inside the shoe box. 

He explained how he had managed to buy an expensive ring for the “Stat Girl”(he tweeted her as Stat Girl) but later while in hotel he lost the bag which had uninsured but expensive ring and later after some ups and downs he found it and happen to propose the girl in front of the bathroom who happens to be his life partner since then.

The couple shares their first child, Francesca Zahra Reali in 2014. In 2018, the couple was expecting twins. In an Instagram post, he revealed that he lost one of his twin sons, Amadeo Reali, unexpectedly before the birth. The couple took home their second son, Enzo.


Hard to respond to everybody individually but I want you to know I saw your notes. What a gift you have given me. And for all who amplified my message of grief and respect for life and humanity, thank you. How does a parent who’s lost a child ever feel whole again? How does anyone who suffers loss of any kind? Those were questions I wondered in the immediate. Your support solidifies in me that the answer lies in other people. Consider that much of the time we are just narrators in our life. And we’re narrating from a place that is not omniscient. That’s what I was talking about when I said we only have control over how we respond to what life throws at us. Maybe that sounds powerless, I think it’s power. I think it’s freeing. How you respond one day may not be how you respond always. Not every day needs to be about being strong, or being vulnerable, being open or being anything really. Grief, like life - and I called it proof of life, proof of humanity last week - is surfing in the ocean, choosing which waves to ride, which to pa s s. Hearing others who been through things is so valuable. Hearing from people who maybe haven't been through those things but are there for others, maybe THAT could be the game changer to end self blame/stigma/systemic isms that hurt and divide and surround loss. For those in the grip of loss: consider letting other people a s sist you in stepping out. For those around people who are grieving: your humanity is needed, be human. After today’s @aroundthehorn we’ll take some Reali Family time in July with the spirit of Amadeo carrying us all the way. Love, Tony, Samiya, Francesca and introducing.. Enzo Antonello Reali!

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He has a good future ahead. He started his career as a simple Stat boy and now he has been hosting very popular shows in ESPN and has covered important issues as well. Apart from that, he is one of the people of ESPN who has received much of success in very few years. He has also beautiful stories from his personal life.

Tony Reali's Body Measurement

  • Height = Tom Reali stands at the height of  6 feet (1.83m).



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