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Tom Sizemore was born with his birth name as Thomas Edward “Tom” Sizemore, Jr. His birth place is located in Detroit, Michigan and by now Tom is 54 years of age. Tom was born in September 29, 1961 and from the age of 27, he is professionally working as an actor as well as producer across the industry. His working in the films as a support roles are ma s sively appreciated by his fans. His role in "True Romance" in the year 1993 and "Pa s senger 57" in the year 1992 is dictated to be the best of the movies that he has done. The name of Tom mother is Judith and that of father is Thomas Edward Sizemore - a professional lawyer. Additionally, his mother was an active member in Detroit Ombudsman.

Tom started his education in Michigan State University and also studied in Wayne State University. Later, his Master’s Degree was obtained in the year 1986 from Temple University. Then he moved to New York City for the succession of his career. The very first presence of him was made in Lock Up that was in the year 1989. Furthermore, "Strange Days" of the year 1995 is also calculated to be the best work that has been undertaken by him. "Natural Born Killer" of 1994 is stated to be the challenging performance that was performed by Tom.

Tom is the father of 2 children and he got married with his high time girlfriend Maeve Quinlan  in the year 1996. Their married life could not get go well and they were separated in 1999. Tom got divorce with his wife because of his addiction towards drug. Maeve is also actress by her profession. His children belong from his girlfriend Janelle Mclntire whom he mentioned of dating in July 2005. Tom is very responsible father of his kids and takes proper care of them. Tom also stated of having few girlfriends and involved into affair stories. However, according to him, he has never been into any dating with the girls. Tom bio is strong in regard to his career rather than  the married life. 

Tom drug addiction took a large controversy in media. Even he was convicted in the issue of a s sault and battery in 2003. This was the issues against Heidi Fleiss who is also known to be “Hollywood Madam”. 

Tom, reportedly is 5 feet 11 inches tall. The net worth of Tommy is dictated to be 3 million American dollars..  He is also planning to donate some of the portion of his net worth. 

by Bchrome, 21 Mar, 2016

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