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Actor Tom Keene was a legendary personality who was known best for his roles in B Westerns. He was born as George Duryea on December 30, 1986. He appeared on several Hollywood films and serials and made his name in the acting fraternity with his incredible acting skills. He died of cancer on the year 1963 and is still remembered fondly for his acting credits and his contribution to the field of acting.

Keene was born in Rochester, New York. He attended the Columbia University and also got enrolled at the Carnegie Tech. He later pursued a career in acting owing to his interest in the field. His film debut was from The Just a Little Late Club, which was a short film. Following the success of this film, he was cast into the roles of several films like the 1929 film The Godless Girl as well as Tide of Empire of the same year. His other appearances include acting in films like Tol’able David, Sundown Trial, and the cla s sic depression related movie Our Daily Bread.

His acting career bloomed and Keene then was cast into the film serial The Great Alaskan Mystery. He was also cast into the films Dick Tracy’s Dilemma and Dick Tracy Mets Gruesome which further enhanced his career and fame. He moved on the television in the late 1950’s appearing on The Range Rider, The Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet, Buffalo Bil, Judge Roy Bean, Fury, Jr. and many more. He played a role in the cult film Plan 9 from Outer Space, which proved to be his last film. He retired from acting and started focusing on a career of insurance and real estate.

Tom Keene’s personal life is a mystery to those concerned. There has been no information regarding who his parents were. There have also been no data regarding his affair or relationships and dating history. There is no information that says that he ever had a girlfriend. It is known that Tom had married, had a spouse named Grace Stafford but did not have children.  He certainly was never surrounded with rumors of being a gay or a bisexual and was probably single as far as the news of the tabloids is concerned. He probably was done with acting career and wanted to focus more on his personal life and hence got retired at a young age. He died of cancer at the age of 66 and was buried in the Forest Lawn Memorial Park Cemetery in California.

Tom Keene’s bio is searched by avid vintage movie lovers but his personal life information is not much available. His salary and his net worth too are hidden affairs which will probably not be disclosed to the public anytime soon. A legendary actor, his was liked and respected by his fans of the time that probably exist in this world no more.

by Bchrome, 04 Feb, 2016

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