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Todd Russaw gained prominence through his marriage to the renowned artist Faith Evans, formerly known as Faith Renee Jordan. In addition to his connection with Faith, Todd has established himself as a prosperous music producer and talent manager.

Currently, he holds the position of co-founder and strategy advisor at Think Big. To know more about Todd's early life, relationship status, career, net worth, etc, continue reading the article below. 

Russaw's Early Years

Todd is known for being very private. There isn't information available, about his background. He is of black ethnicity and holds American citizenship. He was born in the United States. Although his birthday is on August 4th the exact year of his birth remains a mystery.

Todd Russaw Todd Russaw is known for being very private.
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However, speculation suggests that he was probably born around the 1970s. There isn't information about Todd Russaw's parents, siblings, childhood, upbringing, or education which adds to the enigma surrounding his life.

However, we do know that he attended Glendale Community College and successfully graduated in 1988. Todd completed a program, in Communication and Media Studies. Started his journey in 1986.

Todd's Relationship Status

Russaw's romantic journey began when he crossed paths with his wife, Faith Evans thanks, to their friend, Missy Elliot. Their love story. Culminated in a wedding ceremony in 1998 witnessed by their close circle of friends.

For a while, the couple seemed to have a life. However, after 13 years, their strong bond took a turn. Despite the happiness they shared Russaw and Evans encountered challenges that eventually led to their separation and subsequent divorce in 2011. This marked the end of a chapter in their lives.

Now living as an individual Todd Russaw has navigated through the complexities of love and marriage. He has experienced both the highs of romance and the lows that ultimately reshaped his relationship, with Faith Evans. 

Current Life Of Former Couple

Presently, Todd Russaw is embracing a single lifestyle, conspicuously absent from public appearances with any potential girlfriend. It appears that he is savoring the freedom and independence that comes with being unattached. In contrast, Faith Evans took a different path, marrying Steven Aaron Jordan, popularly known as Stevie J, in 2018.

Todd Russaw with his ex-wife Faith Evans. Presently, Todd Russaw is embracing a single lifestyle.
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Despite the initial promise of their union, the marriage encountered challenges. Faith's relationship with Stevie J took a tumultuous turn when she faced legal troubles related to domestic violence. 

A police call from Jordan resulted in Faith's arrest, shedding light on the complexities within their marriage. While Todd remains discreet about his personal life, Faith's journey has been marked by the public scrutiny of her tumultuous marriage to Stevie J.

Russaw's Children

Todd Russaw, a loving father has three children; two sons named Joshua Jahad Russaw and Ryder Evan Russaw and a daughter named Tatum. Joshua was born on June 8 1998 while Ryder came into the world on March 22, 2007. Although there isn't information, about Tatum and her mother.

Todd expressed his pride and love for his daughter in a heartfelt social media post on December 14, 2020. It's interesting to note that Todd also plays a parenting role for CJ Wallace, Faith Evans's son from her previous relationship, with Christopher George Latore Wallace.

Faith Evans with her chldren. Todd Russaw has three children with Faith Evans. 
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Despite their divorce Todd and Faith share a positive bond as they fulfill their shared parenting responsibilities. A photo captured by Celebs Fortune shows Todd Russaw with his ex-wife and their children.

Todd's Professional Journey

Todd Russaw has had a successful journey starting in the music industry before transitioning into the health and wellness sector. In the 1990s he made a name for himself as a talent manager, music producer, and composer working on notable projects, for various artists and albums.

One significant career milestone for Russaw was his role as the Director of the A&R Department at MOTOWN Records until 1997. During this period his contributions were highly impactful and played a role in the success of the label's artists leaving a lasting influence on the music industry.

In years Russaw has shifted his focus towards his newfound passion in the health and wellness field. As one of the co-founders of Think Big, he has been instrumental in exploring how botanicals can be transformative for creativity and healing.

Apart from wellness pursuits Think Big actively supports cannabis legalization advocates for criminal justice reform and reinvests in communities affected by these issues. Russaw's role as an advisor exemplifies his dedication to creating change, within the health and wellness space.

Celebrity Husband's Net Worth

Todd Russaw, a music producer and talent manager, with a career spanning 25 years in the music industry has accumulated wealth. His estimated net worth is currently $2 million, which reflects his success in the field. Alongside his contributions to the music industry, Todd also generates income as a co-founder of Think Big. 

 Todd Russaw with his ex-wife Faith Evans. Todd Russaw's estimated net worth is currently $2 million.
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Being a father of three, Todd benefits from both partnerships and endorsements further enhancing his portfolio. On the other hand, Faith boasts a net worth of $3 million. Her diverse career as a singer, songwriter, record producer, author, and actor greatly contributes to her prosperity.

Faith likely supplements her income through collaborations with ventures and endorsements. The accompanying picture highlights Todd Russaw's role as a music producer and originates, from Bio Gossip.

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by Joseph, 27 Jan, 2024

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