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Alfredo William "Tito" Horford, professionally Tito Horford is a former professional basketball player, who was born on the 19th of January, 1966 and is currently 49 years of age. He was born in Dominican Republic and grew up in La Romana at his home. He was born as the eldest of two sons to a middle cla s s family, his father was a restaurant owner and his mother was a part time teacher. Thus he received all the love and attention that a child should have, and had a pretty comfortable childhood. Regarding his educational history, he studied at the United States of America, after he moved there to live with his brother Kelly Horford.

Living there in Texas, he studied at the Marian Christian School that is located in Houston. It was there where he tried basketball for the first time, in his 4th grade. As a child, he had a good height and was very agile too and after his first trial at the basketball court, his coach said “He is not very good at it, but I can work him out. It is going to be a good journey.” Sure enough the journey was good and Tito evolved to be a fantastic player who took part in his school’s many events and also won a few. Born and raised in Dominican Republic, Tito is a Dominican by nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. His religious beliefs are in accordance with Christianity as he was inspired by his mother.

Upon graduating high school, Tito applied for the Louisiana State University where he got admission and also a scholarship for his basketball abilities. He played for the universities team for a year or so, before he was kicked out of the team following some disciplinary actions and charges. He had trouble working with the head coach there and got into a verbal fight, for which he was thrown out of the team. With nothing else to do, he applied to play for the University of Miami from 1986 to 1988, participating in about 42 games during his time there. With his debut in NBA that same year, he became the first Dominican player to ever have played in the NBA. With two years in Miami, he moved to play for Milwaukee Bucks in 1988 and also played for two years with them. With a good career record of about 6 points per game, he moved in 1991 to Washington Bullets, where he ended his professional career in 1997.

Regarding his personal life, Tito has been a married man, and is in a very strong relationship with his wife Arelis Reynoso. The couple has got two children together, both sons: Al Horford and Jon Horford. Both the kids have also turned out to be good basketball players and have been playing for University of Florida and University of Michigan, repectively.

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