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Tim Minear was born with his birth name as Timothy “Tim” P. Minear who was born in October 29, 1963. This 52 years old handsome man is professionally screenwriter as well as director belonging as his professional identity. Tim is popular with his workings in American Horror Story as well as in Firefly Angel. This also made Tim to get nominated for Emmy Award for 2 times in his life starting from the year 2013 till 2014. Within American Horror Story he was famed with the identity as executive producer. Though he was born in New York, his most of the childhood times was spent within Whittier California and did his education over there. Tim father was working in the theater company and his mother was working in local restaurant in the very time. Later, Tim father and mother got divorce and the custody of the children was handed over to mother of Tim.

Tim joined California State University located in long Beach to obtain his education with major to film. Additionally he also worked as an a s sistant director as his career after his education to the film named Platoon. Tim work also includes television working in the programs like The X-Flies and Lois and Clark are the best work that has been undertaken by him. His directed episodes of The Inside and Firefly are calculated to be the challenging work that has been undertaken by him. Tim is mostly credited with his work in Miracle Man mostly which is also the top ranked ABC program as a pilot commitment that was made in the year 2007.

Pa s sing the personal comments to Tim it can be seen that he is very closed person who is open only to his close people and has been ignoring his interaction among his close fans. Tim even has not disclosed about his affair and spouse along with the name of the person whom is he dating. Yet, the guesses that he got a spouse and married in his life and he is also the father of the children. Still, Tim bio has no any details about it. Tim is very good cook and he loves cooking for his family. Often, he organizes party in his home collecting and coordinating his near and dear people. Tim is not gay and he never falls into any controversy in questioning about his sexuality. Tim bio is also silent about any fact of divorce and end of the relationship status of him.

Tim height and weight is not measured and flashed among his people. Still, it is dictated that he is capable enough to maintain his body measurement. The latest salary of Tim is also exclusive and the recent data states his net worth is collected in the range of amount around 3 million American dollars in the current year of 2016. 

by Bchrome, 24 Mar, 2016

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