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Thomas Barbusca is an American actor who has been active in the acting since he was a toddler. He is known best for appearing in an American Horror Story: Hotel (FX) and Preacher (AMC).  His ginger hair is marked as his trademark. He followed the footsteps of his sister Brielle Barbusca as his sister Brielle is also active in acting since her childhood.

Thomas has appeared in a number of commercials and in a number of TV shows and movies. Thomas Barbusca is an emerging star in American acting industry. He is currently 13 years old and already has been busy with a number of projects.

Personal Life

Thomas Barsbusca is raised in the acting environment since he has been involved in acting since a toddler. He came to LA after his sister Brielle got a regular role in The Starter Wife.  There is no information on his schooling but we can be sure that he is given a quality education. Thomas was born on March 3, 2003. Since he has been busy in entertainment arena since his childhood, we can say that Thomas’s childhood has been bit different than a normal kid with the schedules and timetables due to the work.  

There is no information available on his parents. As he is called American actor, it is sure that his parents are citizens of America and therefore, Thomas Barsbusca will also be an American citizen in future.


After coming to LA, Thomas Barbusca became a favorite face for ad agencies. He has appeared in a number of ads for the products like Dominos, Ford, Kraft and many others. Not so long after his popularity in ad zone, Thomas started to appear on television shows such as Body of Proof, The New Girl, Sam & Cat, Anger Management and many other. He is the regular face in the shows like The New Norman and Grey’s Anatomy.

In 2015, Thomas Barbusca started working on the Wet Hot American Summer reboot for Netflix. He became one of the breakout stars of the series after he gained the Hollywood’s attention as Camper Drew. He also appeared as Peter Pan in 2015-2016 Geico commercial campaign. He is appearing in the weekly show The Mick on Fox in 2017. 

Looking at Thomas’s career highlights, it is not difficult to say, this 13-year-old has got talent and has a bright future in acting. Thomas Barbusca is a future rising star. It is not known how much he is paid for his work or his net worth but since he is legally underage, his parents take care of his wealth.

Online Presence

Thomas Barbusca is a child of the 21st century which is the century of technology and gadgets. He is not void of gadgets and web surfing. As a trend and fashion, it has been kind of obligatory to have an account on the social sites. Thomas Barbusca has also an account on Twitter and Facebook.

by Bchrome, 02 Jan, 2017

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