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Theodora Holmes is a well-known sports personality's wife. She has been known for being the wife of the famous NFL player Troy Polamalu. He has had a long career in the Pittsburgh Steelers of the NFL.

Born in a Footballer-Family

Theodora Holmes was born to a footballer-family and has been subjected to sports since a very small age. She is the daughter of Mike Holmes and Katina Holmes.

She was raised with two siblings; brothers Alex Holmes, who is also a Football player, and Khaled Holmes.

Her father is a former University of Michigan football standout while her mother is of Greek descent. She also has a brother who is a former NFKL player who played for the tight-end position.

It has been known that she attended the University of South California for her education. Her age is known to be in the range of the thirties.

Theodore is of American nationality and her ethnicity is white.


Theodora Holmes's career credits are a bit overshadowed by that of her husband. She has football in her as she belongs to a footballer family.  Her husband is also a well-known, retired NFL player, Troy Polamalu.

He started his football career at the University of Southern California. He also earned the All-American honors and has also been known to be a member of the Steelers' Super Bowl championship team.

Happily Married to Troy Polamalu Since 2005

Theodora Holmes and her husband met while they were in college together and it has been known that they were introduced to each other by her brother Alex Holmes. They started off dating instantly and the couple moved to live in Pittsburgh in the year 2003. The couple decided to tie the knot in 2005 and were engaged by 2004.

Theodora Holmes hails from Greek origin and their marriage range far and wide in the Greek Orthodox religion customs. It has also been known that Troy reverted into becoming a Greek Orthodox after he married Theodora Holmes and this is what has made their bond grow stronger.

The couple has two children together. They have two sons named Ephraim and Paisios. Their first son was born on the 31st of October, 2008 while their second son was born in the year 2010 on September, 16.

As a couple, they have also been included in charities like FOCUS North America, Harry Panos Fund, etc. they live in Pittsburgh in the on-season while the couple gets back and live comfortably in San Diego in the offseason.

Estimated Net Worth of $30 Million

Theodora Holmes has not disclosed her exact net worth. But her total fortune is certainly lesser than that of her husband, her husband's net worth is a whopping $30 million. With his other endorsements and remaining endeavors, he is surely set to earn more in the time to come.

As per some of the sources, in the last two years, he has signed a contract worth around $11,750,000 with a signing bonus of $6, 750,000. He is supposed to receive an average salary of around $5 million.

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