The detailed info of Sunlen Serfaty and Alexis Leigh Serfaty's less known married revealed here

Sunlen Serfaty, an American political commentator, is popular for covering President Trump administration. Her CNN career is gearing now and you don’t miss her next big story, we are going to give you our Sunlen Serfaty Net Worth and Income sources details! Let's start!

Sunlen Serfaty and Alexis Leigh Serfaty's married life

Sunlen Serfaty married to Alexis Leigh Serfaty in an official ceremony at the historic Anderson House on August 3, 2013. The beautiful American anchor got married at the age of 32 with long-time boyfriend Alexis Leigh Serfaty in 2013. The couple met in 2006 at the Rose Park in Georgetown and started dating. 

Alexis Leigh Serfaty and Sunlen Serfarty  Source: The

Alexis Leigh Serfaty and Sunlen Serfarty

Source: The

Sunlen and Alexis have been married for only four years. Both of them loved each other unconditionally. At present, they are having the most wonderful times of their lives. They were romantically linked to one another with magical chemistry and countless dates.  Sunlen Sefarty went out a number of times on vacation and romantic outings with husband Alexis and met each others family.

Sunlen Serfaty wedding  Source:

Sunlen Serfaty wedding


After her first date with husband Alexis, she hit the road to cover election campaign of Obama.  Meanwhile, she resisted meeting Alexis for a short period before getting along for the second date. The pair has been together and inseparable since then. Alexis Leigh Serfaty is a policy adviser at the Office of Secretary, United States Department of Transportation.

Sunlen Serfaty's broadcasting career

Sunlen Serfaty started her career since 2003 in CNN as part of a group of News source. Sunlen became popular in Journalism world for covering Obama’s Presidential Campaign in 2008.

Serfarty worked for ABC News covering Congress with a focus on Senate debate. Prior to getting a s signed at the white house, she worked as the off-air reporter and was a s signed to cover the presidential campaign. During her ABC days, she served for varieties of platforms ranging from ABC News Now's “Politics Live” to “World News with Charles Gibson” and “This Week with George Stephanopoulos.”

The Emmy award winning Journalist also worked as a s sociate producer of television and radio projects for the washing post from May 2003 to September 2004. She later moved to CNN.


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