Teresa Giudice's 15 years young daughter has entered into Hollywood, inspired by her actress mother

Teresa Giudice's oldest daughter Gia Giudice is all set to enter Hollywood and follow the path of her mother. The Beautiful daughter of Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice is very excited to be a part of Hollywood as it was her dream to be a wonderful actress just like her mother. The Guidice family went through so much over the past few years and Gia has now grown up on the Real Housewives of New Jersey through it all.

Gia has always been a hip-hop dancer, a gymnast and also trying her hand at cheerleading. The girl is clearly athletic. Gia’s mom is trying so much of effort to enter her beautiful daughter in the acting profession. She put her in few photo shoots to get her in modeling and acting as well. With the gorgeous look and natural acting talent gifted by her mom Gia surely has a future in the industry.

The upcoming star went through a lot in past few years because of her parents as they both were sentenced to jail.  It was obviously clear that for the duration of her parent’s time away, she had to step into a makeshift mother role, nurturing her younger sisters Gabriella, Audriana, and Milania.  It was something that no girl, especially in her teenage, would prefer to do it.  However, now when her mom has returned from the prison it’s time Gia to live her life according to her desire again.

Gia who has just turned 15 said that she turns her mother fashion tips and she herself is also very fashionable was well.  She has already shown her acting ability in the Real Housewives of New Jersey and it is just the beginning for her.


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According to her Instagram, her agency is Xist Talent Agency and she might soon be cast in a movie as well.  She is too young to earn a lot, however, the net worth of Teresa is estimated at $11 million dollars.  People are desperately waiting for her to shine in the acting profession just like her mother.



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