Forwarder is a forestry vehicle that is used to carry big felled logs from the stump to a certain allocated place nearby. Forwarder carries the logs off the ground with less soil impacts. The limitation of forwarder is it has certain load carrying capabilities. Usually, forwarders work together with harvesters in cut-to length logging operations. There are few forwarders manufacturing companies amongst which the very well known are Caterpillar Inc., Fabtek, Barko Hydraulics, Tigercat, etc.

Relating to football, forwarder means the forward. These are the players who are lined up in front of the team are post the ball into the opponents goal box. They are positioned infront of the mid fielders . Genreally, there are 1 to 3 forwards in a team depending upon their formation. They have the good dribbling and crossing skills with the tendency to score a goal for the team on behalf of other players.