Central Defender

Central Defender is one of the positions in the Football pitch. Central Defender is also known as Centre Back. The main responsibility of Central Defender is to stop the opponent players, particularly strikers from scoring the goal and bring the ball out from the penalty area. They play in the central position. Most of the teams have two central defenders in front of the goalkeeper in the football pitch. There are mainly two defensive strategies used by centre backs. One is zonal defense and other is man-to-man marking. Central Defenders are generally tall, strong and having good jumping, heading and tackling ability. They possess good aerial skills. Centre backs need a lot of concentration in the game and be able to read the ball well. They should possess the decision making power to make last-ditch tackles from the attacking opponents. Central Defenders are the strong and powerful wall lined up in front of the goal box along with the goal keeper. Central backs are assisted by Full back.

Rafik Halliche

Rafik Halliche

13 Jun, 2014