Baseball is an outdoor sport which is played between two teams of nine players each with the use of bat and ball. In this game, one team first bats while other does the fielding and vice versa. The game is based on point scores. The team who does batting tries to hit the ball far and make the runs much as possible whether other fielding team tries to prevent from making runs. The game is quite similar with the cricket. Baseball is popular in North America, central and South Africa and in the Caribbean’s, East Asia and Europe. There are certain rules and regulations involved and the equipments to wear for the protection while playing this game. Baseball is regarded to be first played in mid 18th century or prior in England or Flanders. Baseball has been included in 1912, 1936, 1952, 1956, 1964, 1984 and 1988 supper Olympics and since 1992 has been continuously observed in summer Olympics till 2008.