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Tadanobu Asano was born with his birth name as Tadanobu Sato who was born in November 27, 1973 and his birth place was located in Yokohama, Kanagawa of Japan who is professionally from the year 1988 till the current phase of time busy in working within Japanese films as an actor. Mostly, Asano is remembered with his character in Electric Dragon 80,000 V with the portrayal of Dragon Eye Morrison. In addition to this he also presented himself within Ichi the Killer as well. Asano father himself was an artist whose name is Yukihisa Sato and his mother name is Junko. Asano older brother is also a musician by his profession whose name is Kujun Sato who was born in the year 1971.

Asano with belonging from the musical and filmy background made him to get inspired within the industry from the early phase of time and he had his very first show within Kinpachi Senseri. During the very time he was just 16 years old as his age and as soon as after it he got his official debut in the year 1990. The name of the film where he got his debut is Swimming Upstream and his acting made him earn much of his fame and it was a big success indeed. As soon as after his debut he started getting many offers working in the films and later in the year 2003 his work in The Taste of Tea is also the list of great success in his career.

Viewing to the personal life of Asano, he was married with his long time dating girlfriend whose name is Chara and they were spotted as a happy affair during the very early time. They got up into married life in the year 1995 and used to dictate themselves as a happy spouse but unfortunately they got high time of conflicts and misunderstanding that lead them to have a divorce and they officially got separated in the year 2009. He is the father of 2 children and denotes he has no any affair in the present time living a total single life of himself. Asano has never included into any story of rumors and his bio states he was very shy nature person in terms of dating with girls. For now he claims he is busy with his profession career therefore, he has no any time to think of getting married again or falling in the zones of love and affairs.

The height of Asano is around 5 feet 10 inches in tall along with his appropriate weight and body measurement. His bio also claims his latest salary and net worth is also absolute sum of amount which is measured to be around thousands of American dollars with the start of the year 2016 and will be more in its end of the year.

by Bchrome, 14 Mar, 2016

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