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Sylwia Klose is the wife of top German footballer, Miroslav Klose. Although Polish by nationality, Miroslav plays for the German team. He has previously played for the German national team as well as played as the striker for Italy’s Società Sportiva Lazio, known simply as Lazio. Sylwia is also from Poland and is of white ethnicity. She has been with the all-time top goal-scorer for Team Germany for quite some time now.

Personal Life

Sylwia Klose was born in Poland in the year 1980. Her exact date of birth has not been confirmed. Currently aged 36, Sylwia and Miroslav were together as a couple long before they were married. After a long-running relationship, she married her boyfriend in 2003. Two years later, in 2005, Sylwia went to her husband’s game at the Wester stadium. She went to labor in the VIP area and was rushed to the St. Joseph Foundation Hospital in Bremen. Later, she gave birth to a pair of gorgeous twins sons, who were later named Luan and Noah. Her husband is very grateful for her and the children.

Although both Sylwia Klose and Miroslav are Polish by nationality, they both reside in Germany. This is due to the fact that her husband joined the German national team and plays for German teams, something any soccer player with a German citizenship would definitely aim for. Not much information can be found in the public media related to Sylwia Klose, which is in fact very common for people like her.

Like other celebrity a s sociates, Sylwia Klose also probably wants to live a normal life and raise her children normally instead of leading a glamorous and hectic celebrity lifestyle. However, she shares man pictures of her on the internet, and is usually seen wearing German style clothes and celebrating Oktoberfest. The couple speak Polish at home, while the twins are learning both Polish and German.

Sylwia Klose is always seen celebrating her husband’s victories. She has always been a constant support in his life. She is quite an incredible woman, excellent wife and superb mother, as her husband quotes “I am married to Sylwia Klose. I have 2 sons, Luan and Noah. I love them very much. They are so important in my life”. They say, behind every successful man is a woman’s hand, and this seems extremely true in the case of German football star Miroslav Klose. Her husband’s net worth is $25 million.


Sylwia Klose tries to have a normal life away from the crazy and hectic celebrity life as much as possible. However, in 2009, someone spread the rumor that she was dating having an affair with one of her hubby’s teammates, Patrick Owowmoyela. The rumor didn’t last very long and was definitely not able to destroy her marriage as Patrick himself denied the rumors.

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