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Susie Cusack, born on May 24, 1971, belongs to a renowned Hollywood family, being the younger sister of the well-known actor and producer, John Cusack. Their father, Dick Cusack, was also a respected filmmaker. Following in her family's footsteps, Susie ventured into the world of acting herself.

Akin to the saying, "Like father, like daughter," Susie embodies this phrase as she embraces the family's artistic legacy. Growing up surrounded by performers, she found her place in the spotlight, becoming a recognizable face on American screens through her acting career.

What Is Susie Cusack's Age?

Susie Cusack was born on May 24, 1971, in Evanston, Illinois, USA, into a family deeply connected to the entertainment industry. Her father, Dick Cusack, was a renowned actor and filmmaker, and her mother, Ann Cusack, was a mathematics teacher at a high school.

John Cusack's sister Susie Cusack during her early days. SOURCE:

With an Irish American background and raised in the Christian faith, Susie's educational details regarding her high school and college remain undisclosed. She is the youngest among five siblings, including John Paul Cusack, Joan Mary Cusack, Bill Cusack, and Ann Cusack, all involved in acting, with John Cusack being the most recognized among them.

Career Details

Susie Cusack embarked on her acting career with her debut in "The Ordinary Hero" (1992), sharing the screen with her sister Joan. She later secured a leading role in the comedic film "Not Again" in 1996. Another notable project was her appearance in "High Fidelity" (2000), where she acted alongside her siblings, John and Joan.

In 2000, Susie, her father, and her siblings received recognition from the Chicago Film Critic Association for their contributions to the Chicago Awards. Besides acting, she is also involved in music and has been part of a rock band named Canned Travolta.

Who Is Susie Cusack's Husband?

Susie has made a conscious effort to keep her personal life shielded from public scrutiny, resulting in limited accessible information about her routine or associations. Despite this privacy, reliable sources affirm her marital status to Kaushik Sudarsan, a Senior Vice President of Bi & Analytics at Northern Trust Corporation.

John Cusack's sister Susie Cusack is a married woman. SOURCE: Fan Casting

Notably, Susie Cusack's activities, current engagements, or family status, whether as a parent or a grandparent, remain undisclosed. It is due to her commitment to maintaining a private and low-key lifestyle.

How Rich Is Susie Cusack's Brother John?

John Cusack, the accomplished American actor and writer, holds an impressive net worth of $50 million. His prolific career, commencing in the mid-80s, boasts a range of successful film credits including "Better Off Dead", "Sixteen Candles", "Say Anything", "The Grifters", "Grosse Pointe Blank", "Serendipity", and "High Fidelity".

In a notable real estate move,  Susie's brother Cusack acquired an oceanfront residence in Malibu for $2.1 million in late 1999. However, come March 2016, he decided to list the property for a substantial $13.5 million, eventually settling for $10.3 million a few months later. Additionally, in May 2005, Cusack purchased a nearly 5,000-square-foot condominium in Chicago for $2.9 million.

Siblings Details

Susie Cusack, an American actress, is part of a talented family deeply involved in the entertainment industry. She is one of five siblings—Ann, Joan, John, and Bill Cusack. Ann, the eldest, pursued acting like her siblings. Joan, known for acting and producing, shares a close bond with her brother John, a renowned actor and producer.

Susie Cusack's brother John Cusack's net worth is $50 Million. SOURCE: IMDb

Bill, the youngest, also ventured into acting. Their parents, Dick and Nancy, had affiliations with entertainment—Dick was a screenwriter and director, while Nancy was a teacher. Susie and her siblings followed suit, carving careers in acting and carrying forward the family's artistic legacy.


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