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Popular television host Susan Hay is a veteran broadcaster. She is a popular television presenter working as one of the essential parts of the Global News family. She is working for the past 25 years and actively continuing her work. The show mostly features inspirational stories.

Early Life and Career

 Her father was a lawyer and her mother was a homemaker. She was brought up in a wealthy family and happily spends her early childhood. She states, her mother was her primary source of inspiration within her working career.

After the completion of her high school education, she ran across to pursue her university-level degree. After the end of her graduation, she was offered many modeling offers as well as many business opportunities.

She was focused on working in Television as a presenter and ignored all the suggestions. She also hosted one of the local televisions that were appreciated by her well known.

Her maternal uncle was also a television presenter because of that too she got additional support to get involved in the field across. Susan Hay was also planning to work within the film industry, but her family suggested she be well focused on her Television career.

During the year 1989 after joining Global television, she was so focused on her ambition. She is a forward and veteran lady who is always optimistic.

Personal Life

Susan always maintained a huge gap between her personal and media life. Though she is a presenter and has several times questioned among the people regarding their marital status and living, she never spelled about herself. It is also the question of dilemma whether Susan is married or not. She has never mentioned her husband and ongoing marital life.

She stated it is better not to be the victim of any rumor and controversy relating oneself to marital life. She also has not dictated by her relationship status and who is she dating presently and past. She loves listening to music during her free time as well as cooks yummy dishes for her family members.

She is a family-oriented lady who enjoys spending qualitative free time with her mother. She is also loved by her siblings and highly admirer of her granny. She often visits the pilgrimage sites and states that it provides her inner peace with devotion.

Net Worth and Body Measurement

Susan has an attractive height. She has also maintained her body and weight by moving across fitness centers and loves exercising. This energetic lady also has a proper and balanced diet food. She has luxury apparel and a substantial amount of net worth. Though her net worth is also a hidden secret of her life, it is stated that she is earning well with her faithful presentation to the public.

by sanjeet, 20 Dec, 2015

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