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Surata Zuri McCants is a celebrity wife who gained fame as the ex-spouse of Ruben Studdard, the winner of American Idol's second season. She has been living her life, facing challenges, and pursuing a career as a flight attendant after her divorce from Ruben. 

Ruben's ex-wife Surata has emerged as a cancer survivor, an independent woman pursuing a career as a flight attendant, and an advocate for breast cancer awareness. Despite the ups and downs, she continues to share her experiences and inspire others through her social media presence.

 Early Life Details

Zuri was born on December 8, 2022, in Atlanta, Georgia to American parents. Although she has not disclosed her family members' names, some sources suggest that her mother is a homemaker, and her father works in business. 

Surata Zuri McCants with her brother during her childhood. SOURCE: Instagram

Zuri has two sisters and one brother, but their names are not mentioned. She has cousins named Kam Bam and Leroygo Shedrick, and her ethnicity is Black.

What Is Surata Zuri McCants' Net Worth?

Surata Zuri McCants is a talented individual who earns a substantial income from her profession. Currently residing with her parents in Georgia, she has a passion for fashion. Although specific details about her net worth and salary are not readily available online, sources estimate her net worth to be around $800 thousand.

On the other hand, Surata's former spouse Ruben Studdard, the American R&B, pop, and gospel singer, is renowned for winning the second season of "American Idol." His net worth is estimated at $3 million. Studdard has established himself as a versatile artist, excelling in gospel, pop, and R&B music genres.

How Did Surata Zuri McCants & Ruben Studdard Meet?

Surata Zuri McCants, a flight attendant, entered the spotlight when she married Ruben Studdard in 2008. Their love story began in 2006 when they met at an Atlanta Walmart, where Studdard was signing autographs for fans. The American Idol winner was instantly attracted to Surata and asked for her phone number, marking the beginning of their relationship.

The former couple Surata Zuri McCants and Ruben Studdard during their wedding days. SOURCE: StraightFromTheA

After two years of dating, Ruben Studdard decided to propose to Surata in Las Vegas, and they tied the knot on June 28, 2008, at Canterbury United Methodist Church in Mountain Brook, Alabama. Their wedding was not as extravagant as some reports suggested, with only eight groomsmen and eight bridesmaids.

Surata Had A Short-Lived Marriage

Unfortunately, the former pair Surata and Ruben's marriage was short-lived, lasting only three years. In November 2011, the ex-married pair announced their separation, and their divorce was finalized in April 2012.

Surata and Ruben's divorce reason was cited for irreconcilable differences. They did not have any children together, and as such, child support was not an issue during their divorce proceedings.

Legal Battles and Settlement

After their divorce, Surata Zuri McCants found herself in a legal battle regarding the prenuptial agreement. She claimed that she was unlawfully coerced into signing the prenup and wanted the court to nullify it. However, the court did not rule in her favor. She was not awarded any spousal support or alimony, and she had to return the engagement ring Ruben had given her.

Surata Zuri McCants and her ex-spouse Ruben Studdard with their daughter Khobi Maholmes. SOURCE: Alamy

In terms of assets, Surata received her wedding dress, photo albums, a 2006 BMW, a $10,000 property settlement, and $2,000 for attorney's fees. All other assets, including their house, jewelry, annuities, royalties, clothing, and cash, remained with Ruben Studdard.

Has A Daughter 

Before Surata and Ruben's divorce, there were no reports of them having children together. However, a photo from the American Idol Season 8 finale showed them with a daughter named Khobi.

It is possible that the former married couple Surata and Ruben adopted Khobi Maholmes, which might explain why child support was not an issue during their separation.

Surata Zuri McCants Is A Cancer Survivor

Ruben Studdard's ex-partner Surata's life took an unexpected turn when she was diagnosed with breast cancer in October 2019, just a few months after losing her aunt, Yvette, to the same disease. She underwent radiation treatment for six weeks and opted for a double mastectomy, even though she initially had only one breast removed.

Ruben Studdard's ex-wife Surata Zuri McCants is a cancer survivor. SOURCE: Instagram

After her challenging journey, Surata decided to share her experience with the world during Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 2021. She faced insecurities but showed remarkable resilience in raising awareness about the disease.

Surata McCants' Life After Divorce

Today, Surata Zuri McCants resides in Atlanta, Georgia, where she works as a flight attendant. Since her divorce from Ruben Studdard, she has not remarried, focusing on her career and personal growth.

Active On Instagram

Surata is also active on Instagram, where she shares her journey and experiences. Her Instagram handle, @itz_really_z, boasts over 31.5K followers. On her social media, she frequently posts about her work as a flight attendant and her travels to various destinations.

Surata's Instagram presence also showcases her dedication to a healthy lifestyle, with posts from the gym, revealing a young and curvy figure.



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