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Sumnima Udas is a famous CNN International's Delhi-based correspondent. Udas is responsible for covering key economic, social, political, environmental and general interest stories from the country. There is no such information about her date of birth, parents whereas, her nationality is Indian. She hasn't revealed any of her personal information. She is originally from Nepal and lives in Delhi, India. She is a pa s sionate and beautiful journalist who has the power to convey her message to the world like nobody else has. In her teens, she used to stick to the television watching World News which is probably the reason for her love and pa s sion towards her work.

She was born in Nepal but grew up in various nations including Jordan, Russia, Pakistan, Myanmar, Switzerland and the United states. She knows several language including French, Urdu, Nepali, Hindi and of course English.
She collected her Bachelor Degree from the Washington and Lee University, Virginia, the USA in Arts magna c u m laude with honors in broadcast Journalism and History of arts. She received her master’s from Oxford University. She became the part of CNN New York in 2001 as a news a s sistant and as a show producer in 2006 she moved the channel to Hong Kong. Since, 2010 she has been CNN's producer in Delhi.

She is very courageous as well as pa s sionate when it comes to transferring the news to the world. She always focuses on giving wild range stories to the people which will help them to see the world in a unique like the way she sees it. She especially focuses on women-oriented stories for the better placement of them in the society. Udas reported widely on the repercussions of the December 2012 Delhi gang a s sault, clarifying how the wrongdoing shook the country and provoked a milestone change in how society handles viciousness against ladies. Her practically year-long reporting finished in the narrative film 'Nirbhaya: The Fearless One' which highlighted top to bottom meetings with the casualty's folks, who movingly uncovered how their little girl was the motivation and strength for the family. Her details regarding related sex issues additionally included direct meetings with Indian ladies in the city, shedding bits of knowledge into the powerlessness of sexually mishandled ladies, casualties of corrosive a s saults and the horrendous routine of female feticide in parts of India. She has additionally chronicled the bold story of a gathering of daring youthful ladies who have united together to frame 'Red Brigades', going about as foot watches to expand the security of females in their neighborhood.

Currently, Udas a s signments include reporting the first historic visit of President Barack Obama as a first American President to be the guest of honor at India on its Republic day parade as well as Prime minister of India Narendra Modi's visit to the states. She also covered 2014 India's general elections and 2015 Sri Lankan election. Udas has been perceived at different prestigious for her delicate reporting of sex issues running from sexual brutality to the situation of corrosive a s sault casualties. This incorporates being granted the "Journalist of the Year" at the inaugural Women's Empowerment Journalism Awards in 2014 and the grant in the "Outstanding multimedia about South Asia, or the worldwide South Asians diaspora" categorize at the South Asian Journalists Association Awards, 2014. Apart from being the media person or even better the face of media, she is very private about her personal life. There is no information about her being married or having any children. The information about her net worth is also not disclosed on the internet.

by ab-utshav, 28 May, 2016


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