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Sullivan Stapleton was born in 14 June 1977. He is Australian actor and he is remembered by his work in Strike Back where he performed as SKY which is popular HBO television series. This was even selected within 2010 Sundance Film Festival during the early time. He is active from the year 1994 till today into this industry with great ratio of success and achievement across. It was only 8 years of time while he joined acting along with his sister Jacinta Stapleton within one of the fine modeling agency of the town. During the very time his parents were pretty sure of him getting great accomplishment in the field of acting which is result of today with his performance. His aunt kept him to one of the talent agency where he was started with his acting in the very time. His nationality belonging is American.

Stapleton started his early career in Australia during the age of 9 as a child performer. In the age of 11 he officially started working in television commercial and started getting appreciation from his fans. The very first performance in screen made by him was in baby Bath Ma s sacre which was in the year 1994 as one of the high ranked television movie during the very time. Working in Neighbor he was portrayed with the character as Josh Hughes which also took good footage from the media during the very time. During the year 2014 his work in Strike Back was also filmed in Thailand where he was high ranked actor with his exclusive presence.

This popular personality was previously in love circle with Carla Bonner. This was story in the year 2007 lasted only for 1 year duration of time. In an interview even he mentioned he was pretty sure they will not get married as there was not any close connection among them. His workout is the result of his excellent body. Once he faced injury in his left leg which made him to take bed rest for several months. His white teeth matching with his smile is also one of his trademarks and his bio has not any further story about his married life. He feels being single and flexible rather than being into commitment with any person. But this does not mean any person can doubt in his sexuality, he is straight and he will be getting married after some years. For this he is searching for a perfect partner to spend his qualitative time together.

Moving to the body measurement, he is 6 feet 1 inches in height and appropriate in weight. With the latest calculation his salary and net worth is also comparatively increasing in this year. He has around 3 million American dollars as amount of money and he can be followed in instagram by his fans.

by Bchrome, 10 Jun, 2016

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