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Sue Bownds, a respected dog handler licensed for almost four decades and a prominent figure in dog show judging, is also known as the mother of actress and comedian Rebel Wilson. Based in Australia, Bownds currently holds the esteemed role of judge at the International All Breeds FCI.

With a heritage deeply connected to the realm of canines, Sue is a fourth-generation enthusiast whose great-grandparents, revered dog judges, immigrated from England to New Zealand. Her profound fondness for animals, especially dogs, established the groundwork for her enduring devotion and prosperous journey within the field.

Who Is Sue Bownds' Spouse?

Sue Bownds was formerly married to Jack Bounds, who passed away in the middle of 2010. Sources vary regarding their wedding year, with some indicating it was either in 1976 or 1961. Sue and Jack jointly operated a dog-handling business in Australia and were respected professional beagle breeders.

Together, Sue and Jack raised three daughters: Rebel Wilson, Liberty, and Annaleise, and a son named Ryot. Notably, Delora Vincent is also a well-known parent, being the mother of actor Vin Diesel.


Sue Bownds enjoying a meal with her family.

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Information regarding Sue's personal life is kept relatively private. Rebel Wilson, her daughter, mentioned on the Ellen DeGeneres show that she and her siblings had a joyful upbringing. Additionally, Rebel revealed in an interview that her father passed away while she was actively involved in filming the TV sitcom, Super Fun Night.

Career As a Professional Dog Handler 

Sue Bownds boasts a distinguished career spanning over forty years as a revered professional dog handler and esteemed judge in dog shows. Her expertise has taken her across various countries, including Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, South Africa, Poland, and the UK, marking the inception of her judging journey back in 1980. Notably, she officiated as a judge at the Split Shows in 2018 and recently attained the prestigious role of an International All Breeds FCI judge.

Meanwhile, Sue's daughter has carved a prominent niche in the entertainment realm, starring in several acclaimed films and series like "Bargain!," "Pitch Perfect," "How to Be Single," and "Jojo Rabbit." Her daughter's stellar performances have garnered an array of accolades and nominations, encompassing awards from Tropfest, MTV Movie Awards, Teen Choice Awards, and various others, following her impactful debut in the industry.

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How Rich Is Sue Bownds?

Sue Bownds, a highly regarded individual in the domain of dog handling and show judging, typically earns an average annual income of around $28,000, a standard figure in this profession. Despite her extensive career spanning over four decades across multiple countries, the total extent of her net worth remains undisclosed.

Rebel Wilson's mother Sue Bownds posing for a photoshoot. 

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Bownds' exceptional expertise as a judge in dog shows across Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, South Africa, Poland, and the UK positions her as a venerable authority in this specialized field. While specifics regarding her earnings from this profession are not publicly disclosed, it's conceivable that her financial portfolio encompasses diverse investments or ventures extending beyond her accomplished judging career.

Sue's Daughter Has Faced Controversy

Sue Bownds has not been involved in any known rumors or controversies. However, her daughter, Rebel, faced significant scrutiny over misrepresenting her name and background.

This led to a legal dispute where Rebel filed a complaint against the article publisher, resulting in a fine. Rebel, after receiving the compensation, chose to donate the money to charity as a gesture in response to the issue.

What Is Sue Bownds' Daughter's Net Worth?

Rebel Wilson, an Australian actress and comedian, possesses a net worth of $22 million. Before transitioning her comedic talents to the United States, Wilson had already made a name for herself in Australia through successful roles in TV comedies like "Pizza," "The Wedge," and notably, "Bogan Pride." Her American debut was a minor role in the 2007 film "Ghost Rider."

Sue Bownds' daughter Rebel Wilson's net worth is $22 Million.  

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However, it was her breakthrough in the 2011 hit film "Bridesmaids" that propelled Rebel to Hollywood stardom. Her portrayal of Brynn garnered widespread attention, leading to roles in movies such as "What to Expect When You're Expecting," "Bachelorette," "Jojo Rabbit," "Cats," and the immensely popular "Pitch Perfect" franchise. Additionally, she lent her voice to a character in the animated film "Ice Age: Continental Drift."


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