Sucheta Dalal

Inside Biography

She is one of the very best journalists around and among the Indian journalist, she is the best, to say the least. She has done it all and she has won it all.

She has already been awarded the very prestigious of awards and no one can say she has not deserved it. She is none other than the very talented Sucheta Dalal.

Early Life

Sucheta Dalal was born in the year 1962 and this makes her age 54 at this time. She will soon be termed a legend as her work has been that fascinating.

She was born in a place called Mumbai which lies in India. She belongs to the nationality Indian and her ethnicity is Indian as well. Her hard work, pa s sion, and dedication have made her who she is today.

Educational Details

Sucheta Dalal went to a university called Bombay University for her education and from there she got her degree in the field of LLB and LLM.

More information on her childhood is not available right now but it does not seem like it was difficult at all. As detailed information on her parents is not available, it is really difficult to guess her early life situations and background.   

Career Highlight

Sucheta Dalal’s career has been full of ups and downs but she has managed well throughout. After completing her studies she joined a huge Indian-based newspaper called Times of India and this job of hers gave her new opportunities.

After working there for a few years she became the Financial Editor of the Times of India. She became famous after she broke the securities scam in the year 1992.

Sucheta's books

This happened to be the biggest financial scandal in the history of India.

Sucheta Dalal has written great books as well. One of the books she wrote was called The Scam: Who Won, Who Lost, Who Got Away, and Mumbai: South Asia Books. This book was released in the year 1993 and this book became a sensation.

Relationship Status

Sucheta Dalal is a very popular journalist but she has managed to keep her personal life very low profile. She is a married woman though and she has a husband for sure.

It is not sure whether she has children or not. It seems like her relationship with her husband is going very strong and there is almost no chance of a divorce occurring in their lives. As very less information is available on her personal concerns, some light must be put into it to know more about them.    


Sucheta Dalal looks like a tall woman but her exact height is not available right now. She has been earning great money too but her exact net worth is not known at this time.

She has always enjoyed a great salary. Wiki sites have content on her but it is not enough.

by Bchrome, 18 Sep, 2022

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