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Stuart Townsend is an actor and director of Irish nationality, who has been known for his portrayals in several film roles in Queen of the Diamond as well as The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. He was born on the 15th of December, 1972 to parents Lorna Hogan and Peter Townsland. He has been actively involved in the acting fraternity since a long time according to his bio.

Stuart was born in Howth, County Dublin and was enrolled in the Gaiety School of Acting as a child. He then started his acting career by appearing first in the 1993 production on Tear Up the Black Sail. He then started appearing in film roles like Godsuit and Summertime after which he landed a lead role in Shooting Fish, which raised him to fame. He appeared as a seducer in the film About Adam; he became popular in the United States. He appeared next in the play Orpheus Descending and then in the role of Aragorn in The Lord of the Rings trilogy, which has been his appreciated role.

The other endeavors of this versatile personality, which has been liked by his fans include the likes the movie Night Stalker as well as in the NBC’s Will and Grace in a guest star role. He has also has an unaccredited role in Aeon Flux. The 2007 film Battle in Seattle has also portrayed him, after which he has appeared in the ABC thriller Betrayal. He has also appeared in the second season of the series Salem and is continuing to awe audiences with his performances portrayed on screen.

The personal life of this versatile actor is widely talked about by his fans too. He has had two well-known relationships up to date. He is known to be the former partner of girlfriend Charlize Theron. The pretty beauty started dating him on 2001. Their affair ran along for the duration of 9 years before they decided to split. The couple had met on the set of Trapped and lived for the duration of their affair in Los Angeles. They considered themselves to be married but never married however. Before her, she has been known to have had a relationship with Parker Posey on 1998. Rumors have it, that he has a secret family and he is expecting his second child from his secret wife according to his brother. Only time will tell if the rumors are actually true or just rumors.

Stuart has a net worth of a whopping 100 million dollars and reportedly earns a huge salary too. His endeavors on the acting fraternity have managed to make him earn a huge net worth. He has a height of 5 feet and 11 inches and an extremely attractive personality which appeals to his fans.

by Bchrome, 03 Apr, 2016

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