Strategist Kellyanne Conway is married to George T. Conway since 2001. Are the couple parents yet?

Kellyanne Elizabeth Conway, commonly known as Kellyanne Conway, is an American Republican campaign manager, pollster, and, political strategist. She has become the first lady ever in the history who led the successful presidential campaign for newly elected president Donald Trump. Conway is one of the most valuable advisers of President Trump.  She is the current counselor to the President in the administration of POTUS Donald Trump

Conway married to George T. Conway, a lawyer, in 2001.  This pair is regarded as one of the loveliest couples in the  American republican community. Kellyanne and George have four children till now and they are very happy with their conjugal life, till now. Let’s know more about the mystery of their successful personal life in detail, here.

Kellyanne and George's Blissful Married Life

Kellyanne has been married to professional lawyer George T. Conway III over the decades. Since then, this pair has been enjoying in their married life. This couple is smoothly running their personal life along with their professional life.

Kellyanne and her husband George Conway, Source: The Seattle Times

They both have love and respect for each other and because of which their bonding is going sound till date. It seems obvious that she and her husband are made for each other and they are not involved in an extra-marital relationship.

Kellyanne Conway's children

This pair is blessed with four children, including twin children. They welcomed their first child, a daughter, in the early 2000s. Again, after four years, they gave birth to twins, a son and a daughter, named George and Claudia. In the year 2009, they welcomed their fourth child, a baby girl.

Kellyanne with her family in National Baseball Championship in 2015


After the birth of fourth kids, their family was completed and they have felt that they are luckiest parents of these amazing children. Recently, they celebrated the birthday of their younger daughter, who turned 7 years now.

Who is George T. Conway III

George T. Conway III is a professional lawyer in New York and he belongs to conservative legal society. Previously, he was involved in the lawsuit against Bill Clinton, former president of U.S. He has completed his law degree from Harvard University and Yale Law School.

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Further, he served as a legal agent for National Football League in trademark and antitrust litigation against Rights Act of 1990.

The 49-year-old pollster is also a CEO of 'The Polling Company Inc.' and 'Women Trend'. Also, she has appeared as a political commentator for all top news channels like CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC and so on.


Additionally, Kellyanne Conway has appeared in several shows like Good Morning America, Hannity and Meet the Press.


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Kellyanne Conway is a Republican campaign manager, pollster, and a strategist. She is the former pre....

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