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Steve Kroft was born in Kokomo, Indiana of United States and currently this person is 70 years old by his age. Steve birth date is August 22, 1945 and occupationally Steve is working as a journalist with being as a correspondent for 60 minutes. His styles of presentation and excellent styles made him to gather 9 Emmy Awards as well as 3 Peabody awards due to his high ratio of success within the professional bio that started officially from the year 1971. Steve father was working in the local news channel therefore he was also supported to work into the media sector being as a journalist.

Steve joined Syracuse University for his early level of education and later he obtained his bachelor’s degree in the year 1967. After he obtained his bachelor’s degree he was moved for the United States Army and he also served during the very time for the Vietnam War. In addition to this he broadcasted his career in the field of journalism and with his career focus he became reporter within WSYR-TV during the very phase. For his further obtaining of the education degree he joined across Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism for his further succession within the education and with this he obtained his master’s degree into the very subject. With his degree he moved across Florida and started working for the television and radio stations for the successful career in the field of journalism.

Steve has a very smart bio of his professional career, similarly at the same time he also has a strong as well as stable personal life. He has been remained into the stable married life from the very long time. The name of her spouse is Jannet Conant whom he got married after the high time of their affair; even they used to get featured within the public places as girlfriend and boyfriend previously. Steve is the father of the children and he is a very understanding parent indeed. His child John Conant Kroft also dictated that his father was loves children a lot and he often spends his time with them. Steve has also even not clarified about his divorce of married life which he seems is totally satisfied with it. Steve also claims of having very understanding spouse in his life and happy to have her who helps him to manager his personal time by making his professional career aside. Steve is also a good singer as according to his spouse.

Steve height seems tall but his weight has not matched with his height. The major reason behind this according to his spouse is less concentrate towards the body and its maintenance. Steve bio further claims about his salary and net worth. The current estimation of his net worth is around 16 million American dollars.

by Bchrome, 04 Mar, 2016

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