Stephanie March Married, Husband and Divorce

Stephanie March is a stunning actress, known best for her portrayal of Alexandra Cabot in the hit television series Law and Order: Special Victims Unit and Conviction.

Highly adored by her fans, this beauty is also a women and children’s rights activist and is hugely involved in changing the way women are treated worldwide. She is a vocal advocate and supporter of Planned Parenthood and also gave up her birthday to the “World of Children” on July 23rd, 2010 in plans to raise money for the charity.

Educational Details

Not only has a beautiful personality, but she is also an intellectual woman with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts in Theater and Hispanic Studies from Northwestern University. She is the wife of celebrity chef Bobby Flay and they have no children together.

Bobby and Stephanie met up on a blind date set up by Mariska Hargitay. They started going out and she was proposed to by him while they were ice skating at the Rockefeller Center. Before Stephanie, Bobby was married to Debra Ponzek and then to Kate Conelly.

Married to Bobby Flay 

But he separated from both of them because he supposedly cheated upon them. This is the reason he is appropriately called the Tiger Woods of Restaurant Business.

The hot beauty with German, Dutch, Irish, and English ancestry married Bobby Flay after two years of him proposing to her. the wedding took place on February 20, 2005, at Peter's Episcopal Church in New York City.

Rumored of Relationship

After their marriage, Bobby has constantly been rumored to have been cheating upon his beautiful wife on several occasions. He supposedly has a tendency to have sexual relationships with many women and is frequently on the tabloids for having done so.

One such incident of him cheating upon Stephanie was with actress January Jones which was covered even by Star Magazine and TMZ. January Jones got into a car accident after a party after which she called upon Bobby for support.

First Meet With Wife

They had only met the same night at the party but they were spotted hanging out and flirting with each other in a club after which they went together to a room. The pregnancy of Jones shortly afterward and her denial to disclose the identity of her son Xander’s father certainly creates speculation that something sexual surely had been going on between them.

This incident was a cause of much media buzz and rumor and was circulated for a long time around the web. Bobby denied these allegations by stating that Jones had his number because she wanted to remodel her kitchen.

Marital troubles

Stephanie’s husband has on many other occasions been seen cheating upon Stephanie according to sources. Another incident is him sneaking out of his kitchen’s back door to meet a girl and spend some time with her. Bobby Flay seems to constantly cook up marital troubles by cheating on his beautiful wife but she on the other hand pretends to be totally unaware of the fidelity.

She has at times stated that they, as a couple was doing very well and living happily. She fondly reminisces the details of the beginning of their relationship in front of the public and seems to be a very devoted wife.

Relationship with Wife

Bobby Flay to hasn’t gone awry on treating his wife with happiness, though he seems to be cheating on her. He left his bachelor’s pad for a beautiful house in the Hampton’s stating that he loved his wife more than his freedom in the pad. This house was covered by many websites and the internal details were published online for people to see and envy.

He also cooks her favorite dishes on demand and seems to keep her happy. His wife thus calls him, her food fairy. Stephanie has been diagnosed with a rare disease called endometriosis and her husband seems to be totally supporting her through it.

Height and Weight

They are also seen happily spending time together on various occasions the most notable one being them taking a sun bath on Miami Beach with her clad in a sexy leopard print bikini.

Stephanie March is known well for her proper representation of female roles in various television series and movies and is fond of traveling, swimming yoga, and dancing. She has a height of 5 feet 10 inches and a sexy body with shapely legs, a curvy figure, and body measurements of 34-25-34.

Net Worth

Her pictures in bikini go instantly viral over the net and her wiki page and biography are searched wide over. She is a hot woman with a net worth of 4 million dollars and makes people wonder why Bobby would cheat on such a beautiful wife.


Bobby is 10 years older than Stephanie and while rumors may be flowing about them, there are no marital issues or divorce rumors that have surfaced yet.

Every time a cheating stint occurs in Bobby’s life, everyone expects them to break up but it doesn’t happen. It appears that Stephanie is going to stick to her husband through good and bad and they will be living together for eternity.  

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