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Stacey Travis was born in August 29, 1966 who is running 49 years old in her age. Stacy was born in Dallas, Texas of United States This successful actress started her career from the year 1988 and according to her she has been able to earn success with full of achievement within the top movies like Earth girls Are Easy that came across in the year 1988. Additionally in the year 1990 within the film named Hardware in the year 1990 she has been able to achieve high level of fans across the world. The mother and father name of Stacey is Elaine Dennehy- Travis and Gerald Travis. They were running a departmental store in their town during the early time. Stacey’s brother name is Greg Travis and his uncle name is William B. Travis.

Stacey joined London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts during the very time located in United Kingdom. She has obtained her graduation degree in the major subject of film within the very time. She was a very brilliant student in her study along with this in the very early phase she also presented herself with the guest appearances in the television shows and some of the top ranked programs are Diagnosis Murder, ER and Angel among few among the rest. She has also been appeared within the top films like Phantasm II that came in the year 1988 as well as Earth Girls is Easy in the same year made the big hit of the town. 

Stacey is very beautiful and bold in her looks and appearances. Her styles of presentation is very unique therefore, she is liked by her styles and sequence that she present herself. Stacey also had an affair with one of the guy in her college days but her relationship did not last for a long time and even she never dictated the name of the person. Likewise, Stacey is a s sumed to be married now and even she has been spotted with her spouse in the public events time and again but the name of her spouse is not totally cleared with whom she is spending her time. Stacey additionally is dictated to be the mother of the children and she has been a brilliant lady to handle her career bio and family time. Stacy loves adventurous activities and often she loves moving around the places in her free time. Stacey is the symbol of beauty with brain.

Stacey height is 5 feet 8 inches in tall and her weight seems properly managed with her height. Stacey additionally has maintained her salary and net worth properly along with her career that clarifies that she is very stable in her professional life. It is estimated that her net worth is absolutely around 4 million American dollars as sum of amount in the year 2016.

by Bchrome, 03 Mar, 2016

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