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Sophie Long is 39 in age who was born in 1977 locating Torquay. She is professionally English journalist who is working a s sociated within BBC News. Her presence in BBC News Channel as a major presenter is also amazing with her best level of confidence. She was raised up in Weston-super-Mare as soon as her parents because of their family business moved over there. Her father was high-profile business personality and mother was working in collaboration with her father. They were having wealthy life therefore; she spent her early childhood in wealthy way. She was eldest out of 5 children of her parents and later because of high misunderstanding the couple divorced from each other and she was brought up by her mother.

In the very early time she joined Broadaok School for her education. After this she started working in local restaurant for her earning. Her A-Level of education got completed from Weston College. Her graduation level of education got completed from King’s College London and later she moved to ITN. Long later obtained BBC Scholarship which he obtained with honor of late Jill Dando. From Falmouth College of Arts she completed her education in subject of broadcast journalism. Long later started working in BBC Radio Cornwall and within there she was appointed as reporter within Spotlight. She additionally worked in Midlands Today where she got affiliated as news presenter. Within The Politics Show as well she presented herself with full confidence.

Long is married lady. In the year 2010 she got married with Will Green and she looks very happy with her married life. There is no status to divorce between Green and Long. They are successful in running their life properly and even there is no any fight and conflicts that has risen among the couple yet. Long is religious lady and she has great faith to god. She is also the followers of Buddhism and hoping to visit Nepal as birth place of Buddha very soon. She is not gay and neither got doubted in her sexuality. Long is very positive by her nature and has optimistic thought in every aspect. She loves enjoying and hanging around with her friends during her free time. Long has not been in any story of controversy so far and she is loves hiding her personal profile. Sophie never got captured with any man beside her boyfriend who totally clears out she is committed in relationship.

Long has sexy figure, well-toned body and attractive attire. This is also the reason why she looks dashing and younger than her age. Long salary and net worth is amazing which is around 2 million American dollars during the year 2016. She is hoping to earn 3 million dollars in the near time. She is also affiliated with the organization related with heart victims. 

by ab-utshav, 18 May, 2016

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