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Sofia Black D�Elia is an actress of American nationality known best for appearing in the television shows like All My Children, Skins as well as Gossip Girl. She was born on the 24th of December, 1991 to parents Anthony D�Elia and her mother who works in printing. For her acting credits, her bio and career details have been searched by her fans around the world.

Sofia was born in Clinton, New Jersey and has been involved in acting since 2009. Her acting roles started at the mere age of 5 and due to her continued interest in acting, she has managed to grab several roles along the way which have made her hugely popular. For her dancing, she took cla s ses at Broadway Bond and was cast in her major big role in the opera All My children when she was of the age of seventeen. She acted as the character of Bailey and this led her to plummet into the heights of fame. After this, she was cast in the role of Tea in the MTV drama Skins. Her role of a lesbian teenager eared him widespread acclaim. She has also been featured in the music video of Hoodie Allen named The Chase is On.

Sofia started taking cla s ses at The William Esper Studio and has also landed the role of Mina in Born of War, which turned out to be her first film role. She started the portrayal of Sage Spence in the final season of Gossip Girl and is also cast as Jessie in the thriller Project Almanac.

The personal life of this actress is not as much talked about as her professional life is. This pretty beauty is actually very secretive in regards to her personal life and has never revealed the details in regards to her dating and personal life out to the public. It is known that she has never been married but she has been a s sociated with James Newman, another Skins co-star. The relationship has not been officiated but the rumors stayed around for a long time. Apart from him, she has never been known to have been involved in any affair and has no boyfriend yet. She is also absent of spouse and children, thus making people believe that she has been involved in making her professional life more better for attaining success in the upcoming days.

Surely, at the mere age of 24, Sofia has managed to win the hearts of millions all across. Thus her net worth too is a huge amount as well as her salary. The actual numeric details about these issues however, have not been available to the general public. She has a pretty face, beautiful body and a good height of 5 feet and 3 inches which appeals to her fans.

by Bchrome, 23 Mar, 2016

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