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Simon McCoy was born in 7 October 1961. He is currently 51 in age and he holds English ethnic background. He is currently working as a presenter within BBC and he is popular newsreader over there. Being affiliated within BBC News he has in on duty from 2pm till 5pm. His birth place is originated in Hammersmith London and he spent his early childhood over there. His mother was working as a furniture seller and father was engaged in local club as a seller. He did not have happy childhood because his parents were busy in their schedule and he was kept in grandparents who were very strict to him.

McCoy joined local independent school during early stage for the education. His school was located in Sherborne. From Fleet Street News Agency located in London he started his career in the field of journalism. After one he also worked in Thames TV, within where he worked as researcher in 1983 also joined Thames News. He was forwarded as a script writer as well over there during the very time and also worked in breakfast TV station TV-am during the very time. Within there as well he worked as editor. He also got appointed as Royal Correspondent which was in the year 1991 lasted till 1996. He was basically focused with Royal Family as his work and also presented within Sunrise on Sky News across the very time.

McCoy is married man. He got married with long time high school affair Victoria Graham. He has one son whose name is Max and the rumor there is that he is married for the second time. Still, there is no any clear fact regarding this. Simon loves travelling and reading novels. He is very optimistic person in nature and pa s sionate with his dreams. Because of his silent nature he is liked by many people. He also loves cooking for his wife whom he loves so much. She is the very first love of him and he indicates probably the last one as well. Because of his positive attitude he is understanding to his close people and liked by many. Though Simon has been doubted in his sexuality because of his hidden profile and confidentiality maintained he sometimes get questioned regarding the matter. The major reason of him making his profile hidden is to make his low presence since, high presence might trap him with many question around.

Simon has perfectly managed his body and he has perfect height and waist. He is regular visitor of fitness center and has food diet. His salary and net worth is also said as double the previous year all because of his hard work because of this he is planning to get a new home very soon and move with his family over there.

by ab-utshav, 18 May, 2016

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