Sheila E.

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Sheila E. was born on 12 December 1957 which makes her 58 years of age. Sheila was born in California, United States as Sheila Escovedo. Sheila was born was the daughter of Pete Escovedo and Juanita Gardere. Her mother was a dairy factory worker, and percussionist and her father has performed several times with her. Sheila’s nationality is American. According to her ethnicity she is African American. She has three siblings namely, Peter Michael Escovedo, Zina Escovedo and Juan Escovedo.

Sheila E’s educational background is missing. Sheila made her debut in the musical career along with her father and her first recording was "Yesterday's Dream" in 1976 along with jazz ba s sist Alphonso Johnson. In the little age of 20 she worked with several artists like George Duke, Lionel Richie and Marvin Gaye.

In 1984, Sheila released her first studio album entitled The Glamorous Life, which included the hit singles The Glamorous Life and The Belle of St. Mark. Later in 1985, she released her second album Romance 1600 under the label Warner Bros. Records and the album included the several hit singles Sister Fate and A Love Bizarre along with Prince.

Sheila E. released her third album with her own name Shiela E. which she released in 1987. She released her album Sex Cymbal which also gave her huge name in the musical market. Sheila’s other albums includes Writes of Pa s sage, Heaven and Sheila E ICON.

And her some of the hit singles includes Hold Me, Sex Cymbal, Droppin' Like Flies, Lovely Day, Who I Am Now and many other. Sheila has also been featured in several world tours and musical concerts. 

Sheila E. has been through fantastic career and she has been established as famous singer with lots of fans. Sheila’s sexual orientation is straight. Her current relational status is a s sumed to be single.

Sheila had an affair with musician Carlos Santana; she has also told that Carlos was her first love. Sheila later also she got engaged with him. Later she was romantically linked with Prince since their meeting at the concert. And they had been in relation for long time though she is not married yet even at the age of 58. Sheila might not have been in relation who she can make her husband. There were several rumors relating Sheila that she was bisexual and there was also news about her hook up with Stacy Lattisaw and Cat Glover. Sheila has also reacted after the death of her former partner Prince telling, I'm Going to Find Out How Prince Died.

Sheila E. has maintained a net worth of about 12 million dollars and her salary is supposed to be high but it has not been revealed by her. Sheila’s height is 5 feet and 3 inches. And her bio is updated in Wiki and IMDb.

by Bchrome, 24 Apr, 2016

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