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Selma Archerd is an American actress who is known for her roles in the hit movies Die Hard, Lethal Weapon and Lethal Weapon 3.


Selma Archerd was born on February 26, 1925, as Selma Fenning in New Jersey, USA.  She is an American national. There is no information available on her parents so her ethnicity is also hard to mention. There is also no any information available on her education qualification. However, it can be a s sumed that she has studied or was trained in acting in her early days which helped to her land in the roles in the super hit movies like Die Hard, Lethal Weapon and Lethal Weapon 3.


Selma Archerd has a glorified career in Hollywood and therefore she is recognized for her works in the movies and television. She acted as a policewoman in the movie Lethal Weapon (1987), as a hostage in Die Hard (1988), as an Officer Selma in Lethal Weapon 3 (1992).

Selma Archerd has a wonderful career on the television screen. She can be in seen in several of the television series since her debut in 1973 till 2000 when she decided to retire. Some of the television series she worked on are Airport 1975, Serpico, Rainbow, Mommy Dearest, The Love Boat, Side Out, Innocent Proposal, Charmed and much more.

Personal life and Rumors

Selma Archerd is a married woman, however, is a widow now. She was married to an American columnist, Army Archerd, who worked for Variety for more than fifty years. Selma is the second wife of Army Archerd. The couple got married on 1969 and has spent almost forty years of wonderful married life together. Unfortunately, Army Arched died on 2009 from a lung cancer.

Prior to getting married to Army Arched,Selma Archerdwas married to Howard Rosenblum. It is unknown when they got married and divorced but she has two children with him about whom nothing has been disclosed. Selma found love with Army, therefore; she decided to live her life with him till the end. There is no information on her past romantic affairs or boyfriends.

Net worth

Selma Archerd is a talented actress. She is regarded as one of the icons in Hollywood television screen. There is no exact information on the income and net worth of Selma Arched however together with her husband, it is a s sumed to be in millions of dollars.

Rumors and Controversy

Ninety-one-year-old legend, Selma Archerd is respected in Hollywood television arena. She has never been involved in any controversy. However, there were rumors on her during her youth but none afterward.

Social Media

There is a very little information available about Selma Archerd in Wikipedia. Other internet sites have stored some information on her, about her past and her work. Her pictures are available on the internet.

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