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Scoot McNairy is an American actor and producer who came into the limelight for his role in films like Monsters,  Argo, Killing Them Softly, 12 Years a Slave, Frank, Gone Girl, Narcos and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

Early Life And Education Of Scoot McNairy: What Is His Age?

Scoot McNairy was born with the birth name as John Marcus “Scoot” McNairy during November 11, 1977. Scoot is now 38 years old in his age working in the American film industry as an actor along with the identity as a producer from the year 2001 till the current time.

Scoot is additionally popular with his presence in Search of the Midnight Kiss that came across in the year 2007 along with some additional big hit and movies.

Scoot is the child of her mother Alicia Ann McNairy who was a nurse working in the hospital and her brother was a doctor working in the same hospital.

Scoot McNairy's Career

Along with this, his father Stewart Hall McNairy was working in one of the educational institutes and he was the second child out of the children’s of his parents. His older brother is now working as a businessman and his real home in rural Paris of Texas was the place when he used to move during the holiday times.

Scoot moved across Austin, Texas during his teenage for pursuing his career within the industry and his further education as well.

During the very beginning, Scoot joined to one of the training institutes for learning of the acting and along with this he also working into the hospital for his pocket money.

He got the chance to appear in the year 2001 in the Wrong Number and from the very time his popularity was raised in few Constance. He was hired to another film and made him join the film school for the betterment and progress in success.

He acted in the critically acclaimed Argo where he worked alongside Scott Elrod, Ben Affleck, and Taylor Schilling

Scoot McNairy's Net Worth

From his extensive career working in the film industry, Scoot McNairy ama s sed a net worth of $ 2 Million as of February 2019. He became a millionaire due to his talents and hard work. There is no information regarding his earnings in the media and the tabloid sources. 

However, The average actress earns around $39.84 per hour as of Bureau of Labor and Statistics. Similarly, the average salary for a producer is around $69,540 according to data from the Bureau of Labor and Statistics

Scoot McNairy's Personal Life

McNairy is a married man and he is in very much committed towards his relationship. Scoot married an actress after engaging into the long duration of dating and accepted each other as their spouse later.

With his girlfriend named Whitney Able he lives a happy life with high success in his career as well. They got married in the year 2010 and they began their initial dating from Los Angeles.

They were dating previously 6 months before they together did Monsters. They later moved across the East part of Texas during the year 2011 and currently busy in their love life.

Scoot is living together with his mother and his wife with making a happy family with no chances to divorce her spouse and soon planning for children in the near future. There is no news in the media about any of his past love affairs. 

Scoot McNairy's Body Measurements: What Is His Height?

Scoot is 5 feet 8 inches or 173 cm tall in his height with good looking image and handsome presence. The weight of Scoot is very well maintained. 

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