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The 14 years old Sasha Morga, is a rising young YouTube star, fashion and lifestyle blogger. She is well known for her life-hacks, makeup, DIY, beauty, and lifestyle related videos uploaded on her self-titled Youtube channel SashaMorgaVlogs which her second YouTube channel.

In her YouTube channel, she essentially uploads videos on her daily make up applications, tours of her room, and daytime and night time routines.  

Early Life and Education

Beauty, fashion and lifestyle vlogger Sasha Morga, was born on August 12, 2003, in the United States of America. As far as her ethnicity is concerned, Sasha is a White American and belongs to American nationality. Not much information regarding her parents and family background.

At present, Morga is studying in cla s s 9th. At the tender age of nine, she started playing a violin. She has a brother named Roman Morga and he has made his appearance in numerous of her videos. Morga has stated in her video titled The Sibling Challenge that her parents adopted her brother, Roman, from Russia when he was 2 years old.

Professional Career

In September 2013, Sasha Morga uploaded her first video on YouTube. She has garnered a huge popularity from her several videos including, ‘10 Weird Life Hacks Everyone Should Know’, ‘School Life Hacks-How to Ace Your Finals’ and ‘10 Summer Life Hacks’.

Moreover, Sasha also shares some healthy recipes and season appropriate outfits in her videos Summer Inspiration Outfits, Essentials &Treats, and Winter Essentials 2015. She has uploaded some Challenge videos along with her brother Roman and friend Meagan titled ‘The Sibling Challenge’, ‘The Ultimate Sibling Challenge’ and ‘Blindfolded Makeup Challenge ft. Meagan’.

Morga is widely known for her makeup videos, where she live-streams her makeup routines while endorsing some brands including  Urban 3 Naked, Advanced Mineral, Real Technique, and Bobby Brown likewise.

Personal Life

14 years old, YouTube star Sasha Morga is an unmarried girl. She is currently engaged with her career and enjoying with her makeup applications, tours of her room, as well as daytime and night time routines videos.

Other than that, Sasha is also too young to get married or making any relationships and boyfriend. Further to add, she loves to eat pasta, penne noodles with Alfredo sauce and soft pretzels. Sasha wants to visit BoraBora.

Net Worth and Body Measurement

Sasha Morga is sponsored by Outfit 7 and DreamWorks Animations. Sasha’s exceptional work on YouTube helped her to earn a staggering amount of followers, 0.9 subscribers to be exact. She has also 0.3million in her SashaMorgaVlogs and 0.6 million followers on Instagram.

In the year 2017, Saha Morga’s estimated revenue or profit is approximately $ 0.1 million annually. She has light brown colored hair and hazel colored eye. She is 5 in height.

by Bchrome, 15 Aug, 2017

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