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Sarah Wynter was born in Newcastle, Australia and she was born in 15 February 1973. This 42 years old actress is occupationally working in the film and television industry from the beginning of her active years that started from the year 1997. Her character within the American television is among the best works and performances are counted under the popular series 24 and during there she was playing the role as Kate Warner. Similarly in Windfall within Windfall with the role as Beth she has been able to capture the heart of her fans among and across all over the world. The mother name of Sarah is Helen Cummings and by profession her mother was working in a Newcastle registry as a worker and this was located within Family Court of Australia, she was also an author. In addition to this her father was a physician whose name is Stuart Waynter.

Sarah was brought up by her grandmother within the New York City for her career within the television and films and this was the time when she was 17 with the ability to study the major subject of drama. In the very first phase she was featured within Sex and the City Pilot with her roles within SAG card from where she was able to drag the positive reaction from her fans. It was also been mentioned that she was the very first lady who was having sex in the very show. This also led her to get nominated within the SAG award with the nomination as the title of Best Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series. With her prominence acting later her career was even forwarded towards the film.

Viewing the personal bio of Sarah it has been found that she is a married lady and she got married with her affair that she used to say as her spouse from the very long duration of time. The name of her spouse is Dan Peres and they got married in the year 2005 and currently settling down their healthy and happy family along with the blessings of 3 children and they are living within Sydney. Occupationally her spouse is a Magazine editor-in-chief and he is engaged within Details magazine which is within Sydney. Still, today there is no any symbol of divorce among the couple and them claims of having a very romantic life and time among each other with total satisfaction in their married life.

Sarah is with her height 5 feet 8 inches in tall and her sexy figure and attractive curves and styles of posing make the attention of the media and personal get dragged. Similarly, the total net worth and salary earned by her in her career in the bio is mentioned to be of around 500 thousands of American dollars within the present time.

by Bchrome, 23 Feb, 2016

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