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Sarah Stage is a well-known, controversial model who rose into the heights of fame when the pictures of her perfectly toned body, with abs, even during the time of pregnancy, were released into the media. After that, she became known as well as criticized, for photoshopping her post-pregnancy photo, in an attempt to look toned. Her exact date of birth is not available, but it is known that she is 30 hence making her date of birth around 1985.

Sarah Stage has been named the girl of the moment, according to Fan share after she revealed that she is eight months pregnant, to her fans on Instagram. The social media website was used to doc u ment her eight month pregnancy and she defied expectations of her fans by having a toned body with abs even when she was pregnant.

Sarah’s modeling career started right after high school. She walked into the Wilhemina open calla and was immediately signed by the agency, she then joined the Elite model Management too. With the help of both these agencies, Sarah has landed major and minor modeling campaigns throughout her career. She has modeled in advertisements like those for Anchor Blue, CopaWear International, Carolyn Vaile, Jack in the Box, Hustler lingerie, Kohls, Jockey, Zanetti, Toyo Tires, Sketchers, Rockstar, Noki among many more. She has also appeared in the cover of the Karma magazine and is most prominently a lingerie model. She however, has expressed that she would love to do nursing as this would be her alternative choice apart from the unpredictable modeling career. The pregnancy photos she posted online gave her more than a million followers which are on the rise. This incredible beauty, who defies the mortals who look obese during their pregnancy, has been on the minds of people all around the world.

As far as her personal life is concerned, Sarah is most definitely married. She has frequently talked about her husband on Instagram and on other such sites. It has been known that she married her longtime boyfriend, but the exact date of the marriage is unknown. She recently had a baby boy with her husband and looking at the pictures she posts with her son, the couple must be doing pretty well in their personal lives. Her child too, is a healthy one with no health problems.

Owing to her several modeling endeavors and the recent plummet into fame she received for posting her pictures during her pregnancy online, Sarah has acc u mulated a net worth of a whopping 500 thousand dollars. She has a height of five feet and 8 inches and a breast size of 34. She has a waist of 34, which increased only slightly during her pregnancy. She is extremely active on all social networking sites and especially on Instagram.

by Bchrome, 29 Dec, 2015

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