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Sarah Aspin became well known for being, in a relationship with Blake Fielder-Civil, an actor who was previously married to the Grammy-winning singer Amy Winehouse. Amy was famous for her music, which encompassed genres like jazz and soul.

After meeting Sarah Aspin, Blake, who had struggled with drug addiction in the past went through a transformation. If you're interested in learning more about Sarah's life, relationships, interests and hobbies career pursuits, financial standing, or online presence you can find details, in the article below.

Is Sarah Aspin Married Or Dating Someone?

Sarah Aspin is currently not married. She has been, in a relationship with her boyfriend Blake Fielder-Civil for over a decade. They first met while both were in rehab back in 2009. It was an encounter for Sarah as she showed Blake some pictures of herself and he commented on how much she resembled Amy.

Sarah Aspin with her child Sarah Aspin and Blake Fielder have two children; Jack Fielder and Lola Jade Fielder.
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Despite Blake's divorce from Amy they have managed to maintain a friendship. Blake had faced troubles. Spent around 27 months in prison from July 21 2008 to February 25, 2009. He was charged with perverting the course of justice and causing harm.

Once released from prison the couple decided to start fresh by moving into a flat located in Sheffield. Together Sarah and Blake have two children; Jack Fielder born in 2011 and Lola Jade Fielder born in April 2013. They chose the name Jade for Lola as a tribute, to Amy Winehouse.

How Was Sarah's Early Years?

Sarah Aspin, who is currently, in her forties was born in 1982. She prefers to keep her life private. Hasn't shared many details about it.

Her exact birthday and birthplace are unknown. She hasn't revealed information about her parents, such as their names and professions. This adds to the intrigue surrounding her years. Sarah identifies as holding citizenship and belongs to the white ethnicity.

Although she maintains a reserved approach when it comes to information Sarah Aspin's presence in the eye particularly due to her relationship with Blake Fielder Civil has piqued curiosity among those interested in uncovering more, about her background and life journey.

Sarah's Boyfriend's Previous Relations

In 2005 Blake Fielder and Amy Winehouse had a chance encounter at The Good Mixer, a tavern where Blake was involved in video production for commercials featuring artists like Lily Allen and Kasabian. They fell for each other. Decided to tie the knot in a ceremony in Miami on May 18 2007 with expenses totaling just £65.

Amy looked stunning in an anchor print dress while Blake sported a J. Lindeberg suit as they celebrated their marriage. Unfortunately, their relationship took a turn as both of them struggled with heroin addiction.

Blake Fielder and Amy Winehouse Blake Fielder and Amy Winehouse had a chance encounter in 2005.
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Under family pressure, the couple eventually divorced in 2009 after going through two years. Even though Blake was behind bars at that time there were discussions about getting together. Amy expressed her love for him over the phone. Later chose to stay with her then-boyfriend, Reg Traviss.

Tragically on July 23, 2011, Amy Winehouse was found dead at her home in Camden due to alcohol poisoning two years after their divorce. Some fans held Blake Fielder responsible, for her demise. Amy was 27 years old when she passed away.

Celebrity Girlfriend's Physical Appearance

Sarah has brown hair and eyebrows that go well with her diamond-shaped face. Her long pointed nose adds a touch while her lips have a gloss that enhances her overall appearance.

Her striking blue eyes instantly grab your attention. Sarah has a height and a slim physique. When it comes to fashion she prefers clothing like t-shirts and roomy jeans. To complete her look she often wears sandals.

This combination showcases her style blending comfort with a hint of elegance. It creates an image that beautifully reflects her beauty and individual taste.

How Wealthy Is Sarah Aspin?

Sarah Aspin has chosen to keep her profession private so we do not have information, about her occupation. She is gainfully employed. On the other hand, Denika Kisty, who is married to Jason Williams and has a worth of $20 million is known for her husband's achievements.

Blake Fielder Sarah's partner, Blake Fielder-Civil earned an income working as a video production assistant. 
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It can be assumed that Sarah's partner, Blake Fielder Civil earned an income during his time as a video production assistant. Furthermore, Amy Winehouse, Blake's wife provided him with $300,000 in alimony following their divorce.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, the talented British singer Amy Winehouse had an estimated worth of $10 million at the time of her passing. Her iconic albums such as "Back to Black" and "Frank," along with singles like "Rehab" and "Valerie," played a role, in her financial success.

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